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The Cheapest Places In The World To Get Plastic Surgery

Discussion in 'Plastic Surgery' started by Dr.Scorpiowoman, Sep 8, 2016.

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    Getting a plastic surgery can be overwhelming because you’ll need to cover a lot of concerns. The main issue here is the cost of the procedure and the credibility of the doctor who will perform the surgery. There are many clinics out there that offer such services. And you certainly do not want to compromise your well-being by simply jumping in without giving much thought and research.

    Plastic surgery is no longer a thing that needs to be kept secret from the public. More and more people are open to the idea of enhancing their looks through the help of medical technology. The crowd does not only include the rich and famous. In fact, even ordinary people have that desire to attain a perfect body through plastic surgery. It doesn’t matter where they get it as long as they have the best doctors, facilities, and results. Yes, they are willing to pay the price of becoming a medical tourist.

    But, do know you that there are many places all over the world where you can get the same results without having to shell out too much money? That is right. Of course, you should be careful before you actually proceed with any form of plastic surgery.

    Experts always advise those who want to go under the knife for the sake of beauty to be wary at first lest you want to get something worse than you bargained for.

    10. India


    India takes pride of its skilled local doctors who had their training and surgical practice in countries like Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, and the United States of America. International medical tourists are assured that they get the same excellent treatment with a lesser price compared to the plastic surgery costs in these first world countries. The healthcare facilities are especially designed to accommodate international visitors. The services they offer are granted accreditation by the JCAHO, which is prestigious accreditation agency. There is no language barrier here since English is India’s second language.

    9. Dominican Republic


    In spite of Hollywood’s negative depiction of getting a plastic surgery in a small country in the Caribbean, the truth is that the Dominican Republic has a reputation of offering excellent but inexpensive plastic surgery. Those who had undergone cosmetic procedures can attest to that. In fact, these patients were surprised to discover that the surgeons here are very professional, skilled, cordial, and are even willing to negotiate fees with their patients. What would normally cost $6,000 in the USA can be performed in Dominican Republic with an astonishing amount of only $2,400 – and sometimes even lower.

    8. Thailand


    Thailand is famous for its exotic culture and places. Bangkok, the country’s capital city, is always flocked with Western tourists who seek plastic surgery. The surgeons and other hospital staff are courteous and service-oriented. Getting superb care at a cheaper price is definitely what makes Thailand one of the sought-after places for getting a variety of plastic surgery procedures to enhance a person’s look. Each procedure and client is treated with confidentiality. Those who go to Thailand can expect world-class service.

    7. Taiwan


    Taiwan boasts of performing around 221,000 procedures in 2010. This simply shows that there is a high demand for plastic surgery because the country has very affordable fees. Their rates are competitive and rival those of other Asian nations such as China and Japan. Medical tourism in Taiwan is really booming since most surgeons get their education and training overseas. In addition, their health care facilities and services is one of the best in the region. Western patients are surprised just by how inexpensive the treatments here are.

    6. USA


    The United States of America is the hub for many invasive and non-invasive surgical procedures. The top in-demand cosmetic surgeries are liposuction and breast augmentations. Plastic surgery has gone a long way here since people talk openly about it in contrast to how people perceive it a couple of decades ago. Because of this, plastic surgery continues to grow in the country.

    5. Colombia


    Colombia takes pride of being a medical tourism hot spot. Among the popular plastic surgery procedures, liposuction is the most in-demand. Foreigners who travel to other countries like Colombia for a plastic surgery are advised to take caution. The procedures that are done are safe, but one must be careful when navigating the country as there are areas which may not be as tourist-friendly.

    4. Brazil


    Brazilians have no squirms when it comes to plastic surgery. The top most popular invasive surgeries are liposuction and breast enhancement procedures. Even the government support elective plastic surgery through a tax-deduction system, where cosmetic surgeries are deductible from the people’s income tax. This is because the government sees that the high demand for the different plastic surgery procedures provide additional income for those practicing in the industry. This will eventually boost medical tourism in their country.

    3. Italy


    Italy had Botox Dysport as the most popular and affordable plastic surgery done while liposuction was considered as the most commonly sought invasive procedure. Around 815,00 procedures are performed here annually. This report surprised the experts since not long ago, the country was rarely recognized as a good venue for plastic surgeries.

    2. Greece

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    In spite of the fact that Greece has a struggling economy, it comes in second place when talking about the number of affordable procedures done here. The most popular procedure is breast augmentation. Surprisingly, penis enlargement procedures are reportedly done 10 times more than the average frequency in other countries, and this is because people find it cheaper if the surgery is done here. Clearly, globalization plays a key role for the plastic surgery industry to flourish in unpredicted places all over the world.

    1. South Korea


    South Korea has the Asian region’s biggest plastic surgery patrons. And it’s now wonder since the country is known for having the most skilled surgeons and the best facilities that will not necessarily drain one’s wallet. Among the common procedures performed here are liposuction, nose jobs and double eyelid surgery. In 2010, it is reported that 44,000 double eyelid surgeries were done in this country. This is not surprising since most Asian patients opt to have those Western-looking set of eyes, whilst there is a total of more than 360,000 procedures in the same year. One out of five women from Seoul have undergone plastic surgery, this is according to a market-research conducted in 2009.


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