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The Four Colours Of Biotechnology

Discussion in 'Biomedical Engineering' started by Egyptian Doctor, Oct 1, 2019.

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    Colours refer to our thoughts in-terms of communication. Biotechnology is the most vital technology for the economics of nations. Colours and Biotechnology have always been convoluted in progression and comprehension of the applications of biotechnology for science development.

    Biotechnology’s major colours are four colours; RED refers to medicine and medical treatments, BLUE for marine, GREEN for agriculture and crops, and WHITE for industry. Moreover biotechnology include other colours like; black refers to the bio-warfare, yellow for nutrition, gold for nanobiotechnology and bio-informatics, and brown for desert.

    White Biotechnology

    White Biotechnology is the industrial biotechnology. This sector of Biotechnology uses the Microorganism or their enzymes to obtain products that need less energy, degrade easily, and less waste upon production and sometimes more efficient than those produced by the classical process. White biotechnology’s applications can range from pharmaceutical chemicals and nutrients.

    Blue Biotechnology

    The blue biotechnology deals with the marine or aquatic life. In more details, it is the use of molecular biology in marine living organisms to protect and recover marine species. Also, it uses the marine species to obtain novel medicines and genetically engineered plants that are resistant to the drastic conditions of the environment.

    Applications of Blue Biotechnology

    Blue Biotechnology is associated with several application like; environment and medicine, food supply.

    The environment and medicine applications involve the production of painkillers, antibiotics, anticancer, and cosmetics from marine origins. These medicines can be extracted directly or indirectly from marine Flora and Fauna. Furthermore, Biotechnological techniques and mechanisms have been developed to solve environmental problems such as; marine anti-fouling projections and marine habitat restoration. Moreover, Blue biotechnology has played important role in the supply of highly demand nutrients derived from marine origin. For example, the omega-3 fatty acids obtained from fish oil and marine algae that is essential in human nutrition.

    Red Biotechnology

    Red Biotechnology or the Biopharmaceutical is the use of organisms to serve healthcare and body immunity. It has massively used in clinical trials, gene and diagnostic of gene therapy. Also, it involves the production of different medicines and genetic engineering. On the other hand, the most significant branch of red biotechnology is the recombinant vaccines like Hepatitis B, A, DPT, and Polio vaccine injection.

    Green Biotechnology

    Green biotechnology is the branch of biotechnology that deals with agriculture and environment. In more details, the agriculture biotechnology works to improve agriculture and crops. While, environmental biotechnology serves to prevent and solve environmental issues. Green biotechnology has emerged due to the use of environmentally friendly process compared to the process used in traditional agriculture. Green biotechnology used genetically engineered plants and animals, transgenic plants, microorganism to help in crop growth, and generate fertile and resistant seeds. As well as, ecological applications like biofertilizers and biofuel.

    Applications of green biotechnology

    · Modified crops

    · Better content of nutrition

    · Improved agronomic traits

    · Bioremediation

    · Biofuel

    · Bioenergy

    · Biofertilizers

    Green biotechnology serves in securing and improving global production of food with better and higher nutritional content.



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