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The Mix Of Medicine And Fashion

Discussion in 'Doctors Cafe' started by CristhiVergara, Aug 29, 2019.

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    Every woman wants to be at the forefront and those with a medical profession are no exception.

    Although it is difficult to look totally flawless after so many hours of shifts, guard or work in the hospital or office, doctors always maintain interest in being presentable and beautiful, both to remember how important they are and to impress their patients.

    Several studies have shown that a patient feels more secure when he sees that the appearance of a doctor is conservative, well presented, impeccable and organized; that is, how doctors look and feel influence the doctor-patient relationship from the first encounter between them.

    The doctor's routine workday does not often allow him to be fully presentable and elegant.
    The current favorite clothes of the doctor, allows a correct mobilization, comfort and protection and even more if your work area is the emergency.

    Current medical apparel designs allow the doctor to feel and look good.
    The girls mostly combine single-colored uniforms using a different color in the nightgown and another in the pants.

    At present, patterned uniforms, whether environmentalists, florals, animals, cartoons and even stripes in their various color combinations, are very popular especially in doctors.

    Women want to wear something that identifies them, that makes them unique, striking and allows them to have the comfort and precision they need when working. Health professionals are experts in this and that is why they have a clothing for each type of occasion, they may express their mood in the color they choose when dressing, and it even happens that they get up in a hurry and dress with the first thing find not to be late to the hospital.

    And this is where the medical clothing makes life easier for girls as they can see fit and at ease just by putting on the medical clothing of their choice.

    For a time the series of doctors and documentaries have emphasized the general public because doctors look and dress like this; and at the same time, they have helped them to identify them in places other than their workplace when they see them with medical clothing and understand them and consider them a little more as people with a vocation willing to sacrifice even their way of dressing for contributing to the well-being of a patient.


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