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The Oval Face Shape

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Reham Zenhom, Nov 8, 2019.


can you tell now if you have an oval shaped face?

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    Is Oval the Best Face Shape?

    Why oval face shape is considered the most beautiful face shape?

    We don’t need to say that definitely each face shape has its own uniqueness and beauty. Pulling off the right hairstyle and makeup that complement your face shape, will guarantee the perfect look no matter is the face shape you have.

    But we also have to admit that having an oval face shape makes it so easy to rock any style as they all will look good on you even the most eccentric styles. Oval face shape is considered the ideal face shape and the most balanced one with all the right proportions and chameleon like characteristics. Oval face is called the flawless face.

    How will you know that you have an oval face shape?

    • Forehead isn’t much larger than jawline but it is broader.

    • Jawline is slightly rounded.

    • Chin also rounded with no sharp lines.

    • The widest area of the face is the cheekbones.

    • The whole face is slightly longer than its widths and has a curved shape with no sharp angles, looks more like an egg.

    • Face features are clear, visible and not angular.

    • No dominant feature with well balanced composition that allow great diversity in styling from hair and make up for the ladies, hair, mustaches, beards for men and also eyeglasses.

    What celebrities have an oval face shape?

    Female celebrities with oval shaped face:

    • Cameron Diaz - Charlize Theron.

    • Beyonce - Julia Roberts.

    • Rihanna - Uma Thurman.

    • Sienna Miller - Katty Perry

    • Scarlett Johansson - Jessica Alba.

    Male celebrities with oval shaped face:

    • Jake Gyllenhaal - Will Smith.

    • Jude Law - Adam Levine.

    • Cristiano Ronaldo - Chris Hemsworth

    • Johnny Depp - Ryan Gosling

    • George Cloone - Leonardo Dicaprio.
    What hairstyles is best for oval faces?

    Best hairstyles for female oval faces:
    • Short hair with some height on top or with soft bangs.

    • Medium hair with side bangs that won’t cover the whole forehead.

    • Long hair with soft wavy look with no bangs or with side one.

    • Avoid full and heavy bangs as they will create a less flattering face shape.

    Best hairstyles for male oval faces:
    • Vintage comb over.

    • Some volume and length on top and short sides.

    • Messy look.

    • Good guy hairstyle.

    • Man buns.

    • Clean shaved head.
    We just have to know that anything goes with the oval shape whether short, long, messy or layered hairstyle. The style differs according to the part of your face you need to accentuate. Just embrace a style that won’t hide or cover your pretty face shape.

    Best makeup for oval face:
    • Bronze colors of eye shadow on the eyelid with variant degrees of light pink on the area below the eyebrows above the socket line, fine line of kohl above the lash line and under the eyelashes, that will create a soft, delicate look and will enhance the color of the eye.

    • Degrees of deep pink applied over the whole lips to accentuate the curves and create full lips.

    • To accentuate the oval face shape you need to apply blusher on the cheeks and slightly above till you reach the hairline.

    What frame Shape is best for oval faces?

    • Brow line frames.

    • Wayfarer frames.

    • Square frames.

    • Aviator frames.

    • Round frames.

    • Rimless frames.

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