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The Psychiatric Guide To Escape Boredom

Discussion in 'Psychiatry' started by Egyptian Doctor, Feb 8, 2014.

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    10. What’s the root cause?

    Identify the root cause of your boredom. Question yourself to find the cause because you are the only person who suffers and you are the only one who could identify the root. Ask questions like the following and try to answer them honestly.
    • Are you bored of the monotony in your everyday life and work?
    • Are you not interested in what you do?
    • Do you find it boring because it is not your favorite task?
    • Do you feel out of track or caught up in a cage and forced to do something that you hate?
    • Do you find your job unchallenging and uninteresting because it is too simple?
    • Do you feel like you have nothing to do?
    Ask yourself – “Why bored?” Get to know more about your weaknesses and frustrations. Spend the “me” time for this if you want to protect yourself from being strangled by boredom. The moment you find out the reason for your boredom, you will feel half relieved and you will automatically start searching for ways to destroy it. Your mind, will no more be frustrated of being bored, instead it will search for a solution. It will create a positive attitude and plant the idea of finding better things to do in life.

    A positive attitude is a healthy attitude. Once it enters your mind, nothing can spoil your progress towards your goal. So, firstly, find the root cause and walk towards the solution with a positive attitude.

    9. Fill your cup with some fresh water!

    When we are kids, we find the entire world to be amusing and interesting. Everyday we come across something new to learn and experience! Everything is fun, everything is a game. We are never bored because we are always busy learning something new. But once we grow up, nothing exactly amuses us. We find everything common and uninteresting. Everyday becomes monotonous and routine work becomes an irritation. That is when, boredom slowly and silently sneaks into our life.

    Learn or Do something new! Allow the child in you to explore the world. When you learn to do something new, it rejuvenates your brain cells and makes you fresh and energetic. It wipes out lethargy and boredom. You could learn to cook, paint, dance, sing or learn to speak any new language. If you are very adventurous, you could try skiing, hiking, mountain climbing etc. Whatever you do, make sure you enjoy it thoroughly. You will automatically find your life full of fun and joy.

    8. “Prevention is always better”

    If you are surrounded by boring people or stuck in a boring situation, it is quite obvious that you will feel bored. Sometimes, you can not help but stay and confront those people. In that kind of a scenario, you better try to prevent yourself from getting bored!

    During such circumstances, you can engage yourself in something more interesting than brooding over your pathetic condition without hurting the people around you. Say, for example, you can very well quit a boring conversation at a party and involve in any new activity of your interest. Say, if there is guitar in the party hall and if you are a guitarist, then you may play it! In such a case, you are showcasing your well treasured talent while entertaining the others at the party and at the same time you are saving yourself from boredom!

    If you feel that you need not spend time with boring people at a boring party. Or, if you can not find a way out by doing something smart or tricky, then you can pretty much avoid them. So, when you are invited just tell them you can not attend as you have prior engagements. It might sound lame or blunt but it is the best way if you can not do anything else to escape.

    7. Shun Procrastination

    Procrastination is also the reason for your lethargy and boredom. Do the tasks at hand immediately. Never stop the work halfway as well! Once you stop and postpone it, you will never get the same or more interest and vigor to do complete the incomplete task! Procrastination lays the bed for boredom to take enough rest and stay right there forever. So never give it an opportunity to spoil you productivity and enthusiasm towards your work. Make hay while the sun shines and finish it off as soon as possible with all your dedication and passion!

    6. Ignore Distractions

    The first thing that perturbs your concentration at work is “distraction”. The more you get distracted, the higher the chances of getting bored. It could be external distraction like incessant phone calls, noisy environment or internal distractions like confusion in mind, thoughts unrelated to work or the burden of unfinished tasks. All these could make you feel tired and lose interest in whatever you do. So make sure your mind is intact and safe from distractions and other disturbances so that you do not get bored often while you work.

    5. Make a Wish List

    It is never too late to make a wish list. Create a list of all the interesting things that you wish to do or always wanted to do but never got the opportunity to accomplish. This could even be a very crazy list of all the weird things that you always longed for! When you are done jotting them down on a paper, you will realize how much you miss and how many unfulfilled wishes you have!

    Do not worry. You have all the time that you thought were wasted on being bored. Do all of them one by one each day. Plan your schedule. Work towards it. Make use of this wonderful opportunity to fulfill all your tiny little dreams and wishes in the name of escaping boredom! Enjoy as much as you can as you live your life only once and live it to the fullest. Find pleasure in every little thing in life, you will never get bored again.

    4. Break Monotony

    Your mind gets tired of our daily life because you do the same thing and talk to the same people about the same topic every single day. It gets clogged up by the cobwebs of monotony. You need something afresh. Try to take a diversion from your usual track and explore the wilds. Travel to new places, it helps your brain cells to freshen up! Meet new people, read variety of books and listen to different music. Keep changing the things that you always do. Break your routine.

    Create a new social network with different people. It does not mean you add more friends on your Facebook account or follow different people on twitter. It is not the virtual network. It means actual interaction and meeting different people in real life. Interact more on different subjects and have fun, go out, do shopping and enjoy your life with some social enhancement. If you have a better social life, you will have very less time to feel bored!

    3. Be a Busy Bee

    Stay active. The moment you sit idle is the moment boredom creeps in. Avoid lethargy and laziness. Keep doing something or the other constructively. Take your pet out for a walk, jog, do some physical exercise and keep your body fit and healthy. Most people become lethargic because of poor health conditions and habits.

    Take a break from the boring task that you are involved and finish that one page that you left in the journal you were writing or debug the program that your colleague had developed and requested you for help. When you are bored, take a break but do not sit idle. Do something else. Be energetic. Be the most productive employee or the most hardworking student. Do your best in everything that you do. But never be jobless. Always stay alert and be active like a busy bee!

    2. Be Curious

    Curiosity is the mother of many inventions and discoveries. Do you find your neighborhood or your work place very boring? Well, then start being inquisitive and curious about everything that happens around you and about the people out there! Look at things from a new dimension and do things differently. Is your colleague’s birthday next week? Why don’t you have fun by celebrating it? Prepare a surprise birthday party or plan a surprise even for her your workplace with the rest of the colleagues. Be curious to learn about others’ success stories and their experiences. If you find a new gadget, try to operate it, learn how to use it. Be curious about anything and everything. Do not find anything lame. Even a tiny atom has a lot of mysteries packed into it. So, never take anything for granted, instead look at things and people with greater enthusiasm and curiosity to learn and to know more.

    1. Know Thyself

    “Know thyself”. This is the basic mantra to know what you really love and what inspires you. This in turn will help you to walk towards your passion. Say, for example, if you are a creative and artistic person but you work as a receptionist or a data entry operator, then you would obviously feel bored because it is not your cup of tea! You have got to be a painter or a writer or some other artist! The more you feel out of place, the more you get frustrated.

    “Anything will be interesting, if it is done with joy.” Either learn to enjoy what you do, or do what you really enjoy. If you can change your job or move on to some other field of your interest, do it! If not, try to practice new methods, import new ideas to handle your job and make it the way you want it to be.

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