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The Whole Story Of PLAB

Discussion in 'PLAB' started by Egyptian Doctor, Sep 7, 2019.

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    In short regarding PLAB exam.
    Step 1. IELTS [At least 7 in each module and 7.5 overall]. [For fy1 minimum 7.5 in each module and overall 7.5]

    Step 2. Plab1 [IELTS validity (IELTS is valid for 2 yrs). PLAB 1 must be completed with 4 attempts].

    Step 3. PLAB 2 [Should be completed within 2 yrs of doing PLAB1. Maximum 4 attempts].

    Step 4. GMC registration [If without internship you will get provisional registration and if internship completed you will get full registration. One must have applied for a license within two years of passing the exams].

    Those without internship will get provisional registration and can practice only as an fy1. For fy1 position you need to apply to the UK foundation programme office.

    Those who completed internship will get full registration and should apply for fy2 jobs or whatever is at his level. [Training posts are competitive and difficult to avail but not impossible].
    Usually those completed internship will get full registration and are not entitled to do fy1 but if u get full registration after PLAB but feel you would still like to do FY1, u can find fy1 LAS jobs on the nhs website.
    Those who are not fresh graduates such as >2 yrs passed will need SJT=situational judgment test.

    For training posts:

    If you have experience required to allow u to enter into training posts like f1 and f2, u can apply for ct1 but u ll have better chance to get it if u have mrcp before applying. It depends upon the vacancies available and the number of applicants. Some even get it without attempting mrcp. Which they take after ct1. You can enter at any level, foundation, core training or speciality training depending upon your experience. You need membership exam only for specialty training, it is one of the prerequisites for specialty training.
    One needs to have things like Audit, teaching experience, presentation, case report, publications or any other undergraduate degree to improve his chances for getting into training.
    Whatever experience one have, he needs to have equivalent training competency certificate signed from preferably one of UK consultant. Like if one want to apply for Core Training, he needs equivalent competency certificate for F2, likewise if one wants to apply for specialty training, he needs certificate for Core Training. One needs to work with a consultant in full capacity for at least 3 months to get that certificate signed, so it's always good to have a bit of UK experience before applying for a training job.

    How to start:
    Make an account via GMC Online, enter your IELTS scores and book your exam. If you are in the UK, you can take it in March, June, September or November. If you are outside the UK, you can only take it in March or November.

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