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Things you should know about dental implants.

Discussion in 'Dental Medicine' started by Sarah Hussien, Oct 14, 2019.

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    Things you should know about dental implants.
    Implantation has become the recent restorative option for many patients with one or more missed teeth.

    It is considered a conservative, esthetic treatment option for a number of patients especially young age ones.

    Because it's better to have an implant rather than preparing one or more sound teeth to restore another one with a bridge or to make an overdenture which is more supported rather than making a conventional one which may be loose.

    Dental implants have better options over the other treatment plans which make it the first treatment option to confirm the patient with.

    Let's know some of them.

    1- Dental implant is made of "Titanium" which is a biocompatible material that patient's body tolerate with.

    2- It can withstand natural occlusal forces so, it can last for life unlike crowns and bridges which last for few years.

    3- It will never be decayed, it is resistant to caries unlike natural teeth.

    4- It can improve patient's general health

    Because it will make patient's ability to chew different types of food very well.

    5- It can preserve jaw bone, especially in case of overdenture, unlike removable one which cause bone resorption over time.

    6- Most of patients can do dental implants with limited contraindications.

    7- It is a simple surgical procedure.
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    Contraindications of dental implants:

    1- Immunocompromised patients.

    2- Patients with bleeding disorders

    3- patients have chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

    4- Patients under 16 years old.

    5- Patient with poor oral hygiene.

    Remember that, It's your role as a professional dentist to direct your patients to the best treatment option for them.

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