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This Breathing Technique Reduces Anxiety In An Instant

Discussion in 'Psychiatry' started by Hadeel Abdelkariem, Feb 4, 2020.

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    With today’s modern living providing so much pressure, it’s easy to feel anxious and nervous the entire time. Life today is so fast-paced that there’s always another upcoming meeting, another looming report or another one-on-one with the boss that it’s very easy to always feel on the edge about everything, which can be very disruptive to your system and even provide unnecessary stress. This can lead to other serious problems, ones that can be prevented by simply learning how to manage your anxiety.


    So how do you best approach that unwanted anxiety? Well, according to Vikings actress and yoga teacher Maude Hirst, who’s the founder of Energy Rise, alternate nostril breathing is the yoga technique that might just help.

    Per Hirst, the breathing technique is done by inhaling and exhaling one nostril at a time. This helps release the built up tension in your mind and helps calm it down to a more relaxed and manageable level.

    And if you need more convincing, a study made back in 2013 found that people who practiced this yoga breathing technique were observed to have lower signs of overall stress. Not only that, but they’ve also experienced improvements in their cardiovascular functions. In fact, Hillary Clinton is even known for doing it to help treat her anxiety.

    Here’s how to do the exercise:

    1. You may start by placing your peace fingers on the center of your forehead. Make sure that your thumb is over your right nostril while your fourth finger is placed over your left nostril.
    2. From here, slowly release your thumb and inhale through your right nostril. Do this for up to 4-5 seconds.
    3. Then, close both of your nostrils and hold your breath for the same amount of time that you inhaled previously.
    4. Release the left nostril and then slowly exhale.
    5. Hold both nostrils again and do the same as you did in step 3, holding your breath for no more than 4-5 seconds.
    6. Repeat as desired, or for at least 10-20 rounds.
    Done properly, the exercise can be an easy way for you to rid yourself of anxiety, or at least help calm your mind.


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