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Three Things Every Diabetic Should Know

Discussion in 'Endocrinology' started by Egyptian Doctor, Jul 16, 2013.

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    While working for the manufacturer of Insulin, I learned many areas where patients have gone wrong when treating their diabetes. Also, I have been diagnosed with type II Diabetes. The first thing you need to do is know your numbers. These numbers are your Hemoglobin A1C, Cholesterol and Blood Pressures. Why are these important is because most people who have Diabetes have other diseases like heart disease.

    Once you know these then consider arming yourself with the most information as possible. One way is to go and see a Certified Diabetic Educator. What is that you're asking? A Certified Diabetic Educator is someone who has hours of experience speaking with patients with diabetes. These people have tools and plans that will fit anyone who has diabetes needs. Also, learning how your body regulates your blood sugar helps to make a difference in controlling your blood sugars and preventing hypoglycemia.

    See an Endocrinologist, these physicians have extra training in Diabetes. They will have the most up to date treatment with Diabetes. Your Family Physician or Internal Medicine Physician may get a week or two exclusive training by an Endocrinologist. Where an Endocrinologist has years of experience working with patients who have Diabetes.

    Look for additional resources these include American Academy of Endocrinologist who has excellent guidelines for treating diabetes. The American Diabetes Association has many resources available for patients who have diabetes including information regarding advocacy and discrimination. This is something many patients who have diabetes don't know that patients with diabetes are now classified under the American with Disabilities Act. This started during the Bush administration.



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