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Tips For New Medical Students

Discussion in 'Medical Students Cafe' started by Yousey El Shafey, Oct 15, 2019.

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    Some medical students are feeling lost and disturbed in the years of study, especially the early years, due to the huge information, new study subjects and style of study. They need a guide for their journey of studying medicine and later in their practical work. These tips which may help students to complete studying well and in their future career.

    1) First tip for new medical student, you should attend every class to hear lectures and record these lectures. Do not depend on the written of other students.

    2) Arrange your time, as the volume of work is too much and distributed between studying, research and clinical duties. So for all these reasons you should manage your time, not only in studying but also after graduation.

    3) Excellent time management means more success in life in general and organization of your study and work.

    4) Read moderately throughout the year to avoid exam stress. Some students postpone their reading until the exam, this may put them under stress, and they cannot achieve education attainment.

    5) Don’t focus to have high grades only, but to be a good doctor through focusing on education achievement instead of concentrate to pass the exam only.

    6) Don't be hesitate to inquire about incomprehensible information from the lecturers. Inquire at the lecture, go to the lecturers in their offices,. Try to understand everything. Remember that most instructors prefer students to clarify points in class.

    7) Look for information, in libraries, web-based sites, such as WebMD, Health Line, Medscape, and American Heart Association, WHO, FDA, medical magazines and joining Continuing Medical Education. Medical student should be updated for news in medicine and recent procedures and technologies in the field of treatment and medical field in general be up-to-date for what is new in medical field, this will help you in practical work later.

    8) One of important tips for medical student, try to apply what you are learning, enroll as a trainee in any
    professional hospital or physician’s clinic.

    9) Medical student does not mean setting for reading only. You can participate in student activities, once your academic collection is secure, you can join to student families and participate in activities, and this will lead to mature your thinking, professional development.

    10) Be more motivated by taking the time to be a part of a community. Give chance to your social life. Be
    socially conscious and stay informed and aware about the world around you. Connection with community make medical student is a special person.

    11) Take care of yourself, you will not be able to take care of patients if you are broth all the time, you can take a rest, a trip, to go back active. You can study smarter not harder Focus on yourself and try to develop your skill and do not destroy yourself in comparison with others. Look at yourself and your own performance.

    12) Choosing a close friend who you can help each other not only in studying but also practical work and social life. If you need study groups, choose small one, not exceed three persons. This will be helpful and will not waste time.

    13) Learn patience, you will need that a lot, in study, at work, in dealing with patients.


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