Top 10 Best Pharmaceutical Companies In 2015

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    In early days people used to die more easily due to lack of medical assistant. Pharmaceutical companies have been striving from the early days. Most of them succeeded in manufacturing some great revolutionary medications that cured the people. As years passed new versions of those medications were invented that gave much better results to diseased. Over the years Pharmaceutical companies became more determined and started holding research studies to invent new medications to help people. With diseases now coming in our countries all the pharmaceutical companies have rolled up their sleeves to fight these diseases. Here are the top 10 best pharmaceutical companies in 2015.

    10. Abbott Laboratories


    Developed in 1888 with a mission of developing medicine into care, Abbott Laboratories have companies all over the world with 90,000 employees working in it. Founded by a physician Wallace Calvin Abbott this company is located in more than 130 countries. The company’s main motto is to provide people with pure and healthy products. Abbott Laboratories developed the first HIV screening test in 1985. Abbott has manufactured a number of products including Ensure a healthy diet supplement for pregnant women or for women who are underweight.

    9. Eli Lilly


    Among the best pharmaceutical companies, Eli Lilly has strived to produce the best medicines and products that are used all over the world. The company has been in the market for 138 years and has developed a number of medicines in the oncology sector, neurological, diabetes and cardiology region. Because of its guaranteed products the Eli Lilly Company has now flourished in 125 countries. Eli Lilly has also worked hard in developing vaccines and has been successful in them.

    8. GlaxoSmithKline (gsk)


    The GSK (GlaxoSmithKline) comes in the 6th number of the world best pharmaceutical companies and is a multinational British company. GSK has been developing medicines and vaccinations and in the past years has developed vaccination for diseases like cancer, asthma, diabetes and psychological disorders. Along with these it has also been producing some dental products. With its headquarters in London and the largest sale GlaxoSmithKline (gsk) is one of the largest company in the world. Named after its owners Glaxo Wellcom and SmithKline Beecham gsk came into being with these two people.

    7. Novartis


    One of the best medicine drugs including clozapine, diclofenac, carbamezipine (tergretol) etc are produced by this company Novartis. It was formed in 1966 and has been producing drugs for the health betterment of people. Novartis has been working in 140 countries and has endeavored to provide people with the best they have to offer. The company is an international company of Switzerland and made a record in 2010 by making sales of $46.806 billion.

    6. Pfizer


    With its headquarters in New York Pfizer is considered to be the largest pharmaceutical companies according to its income. Founded in 1849 by two cousins Charles Pfizer and Charles F.Erhart the products of Pfizer are available and manufactured all over the world. With a number of medicines and vaccinations producing this company’s some of the famous created products are Lipitor, Viagra, Celebra and Lyrica. These drugs were created to treat some serious diseases and Pfizer successfully accomplished it.

    5. Ensymm


    Along with being a pharmaceutical company, Ensymm is a nutrition component company and a biotech industry. Ensymm is the leading company of the 21st century with all the latest technology and equipment’s required for their study and research. A number of supplements including iron like maltofer have been produced by the Ensymm Company. The company is actually a German based industry that provides consultation as well.

    4. Johnson & Johnson


    The products of Johnson & Johnson are wholesaled in more than 175 countries all over the world and the company made a record of $65 billion sale in the year 2011. Johnson & Johnson creates a number of first aid supplies and baby products. Johnson & Johnson is the most reliable and famous brand used by all new parents as they consider it to be the safest for their new born. Along with creams and lotions they also manufacture face washes and contact lenses. Recently a drug names Sirturo was developed by the Johnson & Johnson which has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Thus drug has proved to be the first to fight infection completely and this type of drug has been introduced in the market after 40 years.

    3. Merck & co


    Merck Company has been working over the years with the aim of changing the face of medicine and taking the research to a whole new level. Merck & co. has set their priority to provide people with the health and a vigorous environment. The company was founded in 1668 in Darmstadt thus considered to be the oldest and the unsurpassed pharmaceutical company. Merck emphasize on the study sectors of oncology and cardiovascular diseases. Merck has developed partnerships with other companies to advance the growth of their researches.

    2. Sanofi


    Sanofi, a very popular pharmaceutical company with one of the superlative employees with research studies is located in New Jersey. The motto of this company is to improve the lives of people with health and fitness. The company works with innovation and care thus manufacturing drugs that will prevent the newly discovered diseases in mankind. Sanofi Company gained its name after the invention of insulin gargline which was a great help for the diabetic patients.

    1. AstraZeneca


    World’s 7th largest company is the AstraZeneca that has contrived a number of medicines relating every disease including oncology, breathing and gynae problems. Recently, AstraZeneca has started a project of starting a treatment of brain issues that will help and cure the disease. The reason behind the success of this company is their research center in which lately they are working on the BRCA-gene of cancer. The company is situated in London and has companies in 100 countries.


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