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Top 10 Countries With Best Doctors in The World 2017

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ghada Ali youssef, Jan 7, 2017.

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    Health is called as precious treasure that that of any thing in the world because everybody knows that health is wealth so ensure this every country and it’s Government has established large number of healthy caring or health institutes in their countries so in these institutes Doctors are known as Pivot part.

    As doctors are primary foundations or base of all these hospitals and clinics, it is reported that more developed countries of the world has best institutes to train these doctors therefore has best and skillful department therefore it is not edge of every country to produce doctors like this which made health department at best level, so education department matters a lot in this because if education department of the country will be strong then it will absolutely produce best doctors.

    So here is the list of top 10 countries with best doctors in the world 2016


    10: Japan

    Resourceful country which has also best economy in the world is nothing others of Japan because in the stipulations of technology it is known as best and more advanced in the whole world so they are able to produce best machinery or they have best institutes to train their doctors best manners. So these are reasons that they have professional and skillful doctors as well as many countries also send their doctors in this country for training, because they have well developed or managed education department in terms of medical because Government knows that these doctors have to serve as the backbone of the country after their attacks in 1945 so pharmaceuticals, surgery, neurology, ENT, cardiology is best in this country.


    9: Netherland

    Country which will provide best health proven facilities to every patient of the world is Netherland that is situated in the Northern Western side of Europe as this country has finest doctors from that of all over the world, so Government of this country which has best health care system provides them adequate experience and requires extra assiduousness to qualify for the final house job. Therefore doctors whom are passing out from the medical institutes of this country are well polished and skillful because further they have to work under the qualified physicians and surgeons so General Practitioners and Doctors is best organization of country Netherland which is producing qualified medical specialists.


    8: Sweden

    Another richest European country which has best and organized health care system of region is called so far as Sweden because well established hospitals, as it is very interesting to know that almost every hospital in the country is mainly government funded but on the other hand private hospitals are also exist which are also well organized and well managed because health system in this country is managed at three different levels which are National, local as well as regional. So doctors of this country are quite well famous in the world because of their best services in medical department therefore all doctors which are passing out every year from colleges are also trained under the specialists for more days.


    7: Norway

    Norway is not only richest country of the world with its income per capita but also considered as rich and best in fields of education with best medical research, so it is shocking to know that every hospital of the country is funded by public in National Budget therefore medical facilities are free from every citizen till age of 16 years. So due to excellent medical system doctors of this country are excelled up rapidly to manage medical department which is due to best and skillful doctors so doctor of Norway have conquered every sphere of medical field, this country has highest expenditures on health which is US$9715 per head therefore health care system is performing very well in the world.


    6: Belgium

    Belgium has proved itself as the best regardless of the skillful and best doctors as compare to all countries of the world which is mainly due to establish to large number of labs, hospitals, clinics, health care centers, pharmaceuticals industry and research institutes where these medical specialist are very day and night very hard to produce better system with training of freshly passing out doctors therefore they got better results. So not only specialists of this department but also of other field are touched to managed every department in respect of health system, hospitals are working as Government and also as private but dentists in this country are private only.

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    5: 5.Canada

    Country which is well established and rich in all sources including its best Government, are managed to a well organized health care system because this country has got much popularity due to its great work in the field of medical sciences therefore it has best and qualified doctors in the world, so medical department is always public funded therefore provide free medical facilities to its citizens. As they have best medical facilities with highly qualified doctors therefore people from every country always choose this country for their treatment because they are fighting to resolve challenging diseases which are not solved by the other doctors of many countries.


    4: Australia

    This country is blessed with most sustained health care system with highly qualified doctors and specialists of the world so government as well as private institutes is available in this country , so it is better t know that large amount of expenditures are only paid by Government of this country so according to statistics that more than 75 thousand doctors and medical specialists are working now in this country. So government has open many institutes which are only reserve for the training of passing out new doctors for their further training as specialists therefore doctors in this country are highly professional and specialize which are able to cure every disease.


    3: Israel

    Israel is ranked on this position with respect to medical department with most qualified doctors of the world; it is possible as a sufficient part of budget of this country spent on medical care system and on the education as well as training of doctors therefore this country has many skillful doctors. So doctors of this country are consulted from patients who are living in different areas of the country so far the awareness of people research seminars and medical projects meeting are conducted every month in public so it is necessary for the people of this country to join of the four insurance policies in the country therefore health care system is improving with every passing day.

    2: United States

    Country is providing complete health safety to its citizens due to its excellent health care system with highly qualified doctors, as these doctors are trained in special institutes which are made the government so country is producing finest doctors from all countries of the world therefore United states is 2nd in this list because of producing highly productive batch every year. So there ambition is not only to provide better polite treatments but also maintain friendly relations with patients to treat psychologically so interesting to note that about 60 % of the hospital of this country are non profitable but due to its doctors providing skillful treatment.


    1: Germany

    Most advance country in the field of Medical sciences are none others of Germany therefore this country has great manpower history, so producing not less than gems in the medical fields as they have highly professionals and qualified doctors which are trained under the super vision of many specialists. so this country has laid the foundation of best medical system with good quality hospital facilities and best medical specialists, so it is been reported that from physicians to surgeons every man is highly professionally trained, health care system of country is about 80 % is Government funded while other remaining is public funded as health insurance is also necessary in this country.

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