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Top 5 Breast Augmentation Myths

Discussion in 'Plastic Surgery' started by Hala, Feb 8, 2014.

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    Breast augmentation today is much more commonplace than it was even just a decade ago. However, as common as breast enhancement has become, there are many myths and misconceptions that still surround the procedure. Many of the myths are born from rare, isolated instances, sensationalistic journalism, or simply outdated information. With this in mind, here are the top five breast augmentation myths:

    Myth #1: Breast Implants Cause Cancer
    This myth is untrue. Breast implants have never been scientifically linked to cancer. While some have said that implants lead to cancer, years of studies have failed to validate the theory. The implants on the market today are FDA approved safe, including the much publicized silicone gel implants.

    Myth #2: Older Women Should Not Get Breast Implants
    The truth is that women of any age are candidates for breast implants. Any prospective patient should consider their options in detail with a plastic surgeon first, but there is no reason that a 40 year-old woman would be an inferior candidate for implants than a 20 year-old.

    Myth #3: Mammography is Not Possible with Breast Implants
    The truth is quite often the opposite. Patients with silicone breast implants tend to get better results because of the use of the displacement technique, which involves x-ray rather than the traditional compression method.

    Myth #4: Breast Implants Need to be Replaced Every Decade
    The amount of time between breast implant replacements varies widely based on each individual patient. Some patients need to have their implants replaced after just a few years, while others will go a lifetime without replacing their implants. It depends on the patient and a host of medical variables.

    Myth #5: Underwire Bras Cannot be Worn with Breast Implants
    The truth is that breast implants will sag if they are not properly supported overtime. Breast implants, as with naturally large breasts, experience the best support with an underwire bra. This myth most likely developed from women not wanting to wear underwire due to the discomfort of doing so too soon after surgery. However, if you wait until you are properly and fully healed from your breast augmentation surgery you should not experience any discomfort.

    Breast augmentation surgery is a safe procedure, but as with any procedure there are risks involved. Taking time to speak with a local breast augmentation surgeon so you can separate facts from myths will help you prepare for your surgery. The more prepared you are going in the better your expected outcome will be.


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    Very valuable post. You have cleared the myths about breast augmentation. Your post will give a lot of confidence to women desiring this surgery. Thanks once again.

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