Top 5 Reasons To Have A Family Doctor

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    Do you have pain in some region of your body? A headache that does not want to disappear? Do you have an important reunion and have flu symptoms? Something wrong with your genitals? Do you have a weird rash? You should call a physician that knows you well. You should have a family doctor at your disposition. Here are a few reasons why you should have a family doctor.

    1. Quality of care. When a relationship between your family and your family doctor is created, a better quality of care is given. This doctor will eventually know everything related to your lifestyle and all that may affect your health. In addition, a more friendly relationship is formed due to the time knowing each other, making clinical attention more real and better.

    2. You receive health education. Besides being attended by a good doctor, he will provide everything you need to know about your illness. Also, a family doctor will take the time to teach you healthy living options for you and your family so you can live in the best possible way.

    3. Prevention care is key. An important goal for the family doctor is prevention. You will have access to annual checkups to discover any health problem, and if one is detected, you will receive the right treatment at the beginning of it, expecting a more favorable outcome. These preventive exams can detect cardiovascular problems like high blood pressure and high cholesterol, hormonal problems including thyroid issues and diabetes, and several cancers, among other pathologies.

    4. Referrals to medical specialists. If needed, your family doctor will be able to provide excellent assistance in locating the right specialist to treat you and your family. This will communicate with the specialist, presenting your case and all the necessary information to treat you and help reduce your medical expenses.

    5. 24/7 communication. You can reach your family doctor at any moment if something is not right. Due to the tight relationship that exists, he will take your phone calls and respond to every question you have about a health problem. If needed, he will guide you to the emergency room where he will see you.


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