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Top Destinations For Dental Tourism

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ahmadbensaeed, Aug 27, 2019.

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    When you think of tourism, you might imagine yourself sitting on a beach in Miami, or visiting a cathedral in Berlin, or a museum in Paris. Now there’s a kind of tourism that people are talking about: dental tourism. It is a subcategory of medical tourism where the chief goal of the individual is to seek dental treatment coupled with a vacation.

    Reasons for Dental Tourism

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    As we age, the need for extensive reconstructive and restorative procedures might call and that can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Procedures such as dental implants and veneers are financially out of reach in developed countries. So, saving money is the main reason people seek care outside their home country. In less developed regions, there are lower costs for dentists, labor, education and insurance. There is also less government intervention. However, the traveling dental patient need not sacrifice quality to save money. So he seeks accredited clinics and certified dentists.

    Destinations for Dental Tourism

    Nowadays dental tourism has been growing very rapidly in many countries. The first known destination for dental tourists is Mexico which comes from its nearness to the United States, from where 25% of the dental tourists are coming. Many Mexican clinics like “Sani Dental Group” which is located in Los Algodones and “Clinica de Ortodoncia & Estetica Dental” which is located over the US-Mexico border from Calexico, California are staffed by a team of well-trained and experienced professionals. And if you compare the price of dental implant, for example, in US and Mexico, you will find that the Mexican dental implant costs only 1300$ while the US dental implant costs 4000$. This big difference is not due to lower quality dental care. It is because clinic operating costs and living expenses are lower. And high competition among Mexican clinics is also a factor.

    India and Hungary come in the second place. India for Asian patients while Hungary for European patients, and they share some of the US citizens. Dental tourism in India in places like Goa, Kerala, Delhi and Mumbai offer high-quality and affordable dental care. India has emerged as a popular hub for dental tourism for many reasons like, easy communication as most dentists speak and understand English, the protocol of sterilization is at par with international standards and also India has a mixture of sea, mountains, dessert and beaches. Further, the cost of treatment is 1/10th of the cost foreigners pay in their country.

    Hungary which is located in Central Europe was one of the first to open its borders to neighboring countries for dental and medical care and it has earned a well-deserved reputation for providing high quality and affordable care. Budapest, the capital city, is Hungary's most popular destination for dental care. Verified clinics such as “Batorfi Dental Implant” and “Evergreen Dental” offer every treatment from simple checkups to complex procedures. You can save a lot of money and get high-quality dental treatment as if you compare, for example, the price of a single crown in UK and Hungary, you will find that the crown costs £759 in UK, while in Hungary costs only £200. Also you will find less expensive options available throughout the country where you will find reputable dental centers.

    While Hungary is considered the capital of dental tourism, most tourists are heading to the east to “mysterious” India which is known for its spices, rich culture, heritage and hospitality.

    Costa Rica with its beautiful weather and beaches has built a strong reputation as one of the world’s best-known dental tourism destinations. So the Caribbean and neighboring Central and South American countries seek it. “Advance Dental” and “Nova Dental” are popular clinics there.

    Thailand also offer a proficient dental care along with its beautiful nature and traditions. “Bumrungrad International” and “Bangkok Hospital Phuket” are Thailand’s best hospitals which include dental departments.

    Dangers of Dental Tourism

    Finally, there are many potential dangers associated with travelling for dental care. Standards for foreign dentists may not be the same as the ones in the United States. The tourist may experience language barrier which makes communication more difficult.

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