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Top Makeup Tips For Female Doctors

Discussion in 'Medical Students Cafe' started by DrMaheenZehra, Sep 2, 2019.

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    We all know how much we admired Dr Lisa Cuddy from “House MD” when she would carry herself so elegantly. Why wouldn’t she be poised yet bold in her personality anyway? After all, she was The Dean of Medicine! Since the beginning, the field of medicine has been extremely demanding in terms of our time, energy and even our sanity. To carry ourselves as presentable doctors, we females need someone who can guide us on how to get that chic look. Because let’s face it, working late hours running errands and meanwhile looking presentable can be a tough deal right? Well not anymore, here’s how you can manage to look absolutely chic even when you are attending clinics:

    When you’re getting ready for a meeting or when you have a fancy lunch out plan with colleagues following the clinic, make sure to apply a primer first thing on your face. I’d recommend using a mattifying base primer if you have oily to combination skin. It minimizes your pores and really brings out the foundation that you apply thereafter. Apply the foundation that includes sunblock and a shade lighter than your skin tone to really even out the darker areas of your face. For day time events, prefer fresh peachy blushes for your cheeks and darker shades for evening. To give your eyes that pop, try applying a smudged liner on the outer corners of your eyes and a white liner on your waterline. Last but certainly not least, wear a lip colour that reflects your mood. ;)

    On normal days when you want your skin to breathe, make sure to wear your sunblock because you never want your skin to be damaged by the UV-rays. Don't forget to apply some concealer to cover all those dark circles you got from not sleeping well. Also, a little blush beneath your cheekbones to freshen up your look wouldn’t hurt anyone. To define your eyes, try brushing your favourite mascara for an everyday chic look. Remember, the key to pulling off a chic look is to be confident in your skin.

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