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TV's Hottest Doctors Who Get Our Hearts Racing

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    Whenever there's a TV drama there's usually at least one character who is a gorgeous looking medical professional. So we've rounded up our favourite screen doctors for a reminder of why we can't get enough of a surgeon in scrubs.

    Doug Ross — ER

    It's the role that made George Clooney a household name and one that he begged the show's executive producer to audition for. Dr Doug Ross from ER was a rebel who defied hospital protocol and authority to help his patients. He had a troubled history with his father but a strong bond with fellow Dr Mark Greene. Doug was in a relationship with Carol Hathaway, who gave birth to his twins after he left the hospital. They later reunited in Seattle.

    Hugh Knight — Doctor Doctor

    Rodger Corser plays the bad-boy doctor who partied so hard he was put on probation and sent to Whyhope to be a GP. The talented heart surgeon has had to eat some humble pie working in his hometown but is planning big things for the area, with a cardiac clinic on the cards. He's broken a few hearts along the way too, including that of fellow doctor Penny Cartwright.

    Max Goodwin — New Amsterdam

    Max, played by Ryan Eggold, arrived at New Amsterdam as the new Dean. He quickly ruffled feathers when he made massive changes to the hospital by firing the heads of department. At the same time he started his new job he also found out he had aggressive throat cancer. In Season 1 he is also trying to save his marriage to his pregnant wife, Georgia.

    Helen Sharpe — New Amsterdam

    The camera loves Helen, played by Freema Agyeman, which is why she spent a lot of time on TV. But when Max took over at New Amsterdam she was encouraged to return to patient work. She became Max's cancer doctor and the pair tried to ignore their feelings for each other because of his marriage.

    Connor Rhodes — Chicago Med

    Colin Donnell plays Connor, a doctor from a wealthy but troubled family. He has dealt with his sister's abandonment issues and ongoing tension from his father who resents his career choice. Connor is a cardiothoracic surgeon who originally specialised in trauma surgery.

    Natalie Manning — Chicago Med

    You'd have to be an extremely intelligent and talented person to have medicine as your backup for a career as a professional violin player, but that's Natalie's backstory. Played by Torey DeVitto, Natalie is a paediatric specialist who gave birth to her first child seven months after her husband died. After that she developed feelings for colleague Will Halstead.

    Rex Brady — Days of Our Lives

    Played by Kyle Lowder, Rex is a passionate doctor who seems to specialise in whatever the locals are afflicted with at the time they are admitted to hospital. He has a bizarre backstory, which involved arriving in Salem in a pod after being genetically engineered by Dr Rolf. These days he is regularly without his shirt and prone to getting into fights with half-brother Eric over their mutual love interest, Sarah.

    Joan Millar — Love Child

    Joan, played by Jessica Marais, is a product of her generation, fighting for equality in the dynamic 1960s and '70s. She arrived at Kings Cross Hospital a trainee obstetrician and rose to become a highly sought after doctor. Joan had a lot to deal with over the years, including a lover who went on the run and a mix-up which left her with another woman's sick child instead of her own baby.

    Hank Lawson — Royal Pains

    When it all goes wrong for Hank in the city he ends up visiting the Hamptons with his brother. While there he saves a life and is asked to stay on as a 'concierge doctor' to the wealthy community. Hank is known as a medical version of MacGyver.

    Derek Shepherd — Grey's Anatomy

    And we can't not have a gallery of hot doctors without McDreamy. Played by Patrick Dempsey, Derek Shepherd was a brain surgeon who fell for surgical intern Meredith Grey. Their romance faced many challenges but ultimately resulted in a marriage and three kids.


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