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U.S. Major Government Mobile Phone Study Finds A Little Increase BrainTumors In Rats

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Lets Enjoy Medicine, Jun 17, 2021.

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    Science is uncovering numerous facts day by day as a major U.S. government mobile phone study has revealed a new fact that mobile phone radiations cause a slight increase of Brain Tumor in rats.

    United States government headed a mobile phone study to estimate the dangers of mobile phone; a recent major U.S. federal study has uncovered the harms of mobile phone radiation.

    The group finds a new fact during their research when they headed some rats in front of mobile phone radiations they become shocked when they come know radiations caused slightly bitter increase of Brain tumors in rats especially in male rats.

    Federal scientists had stated strange enough findings as expertise scientist and other studies are continuously suggesting that mobile phone radiations has small potential risk.

    The National Institutes of Health study has bombarded mobile phone radiation on rats from womb, after two years of life in which radiation bombarded nine hours a day if founded a brain tumor in male rats 2 to 3 percent.

    The slight increase in brain tumor in male rats are called low by authors, while it is complete unbelievable the female were not affected even slightly at all.

    The National Institutes of Health Study publically released their finding s before officially published because the results are quite similar to other studies, Author John Bucher told.

    The effort for government mobile phone study conducted by National Toxicology program after the strong request from Drug and Food Administration however, the whole study has a budget of US $ 25 million dollars.

    The Author John Bucher told, the radiation transmitted by mobile phones caused cancer in rats while he also revealed that they cautioned to apply on humans to get the possible facts.

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