Understanding Cancer Series-Part12 (Early Cancer May Not Have Any Symptoms)

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    Some people visit the doctor only when they feel pain or when they notice changes like a lump in the breast or unusual bleeding or discharge.
    But don't wait until then to be checked because early cancer may not have any symptoms.
    That is why screening for some cancers is important, particularly as you get older. Screening methods are designed to check for cancer in people with no symptoms.
    In 2011, an estimated 1,596,670 people in the United States will be diagnosed with cancer, and 571,950 will die of cancer.Estimates of the premature deaths that could have been avoided through screening vary from 3% to 35%, depending on a variety of assumptions.
    Beyond the potential for avoiding death, screening may reduce cancer morbidity since treatment for earlier-stage cancers is often less aggressive than that for more advanced-stage cancers.


    source :Comprehensive Cancer Information - National Cancer Institute

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    lets say that up of age 40 every body should be checked at the family doctor otherwise there is a cancer history at the family then the patient should be checked as soon as possible . " this are the instruction in my country " :)

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