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Understanding Cancer Series-Part14 (Breast Cancer Screening)

Discussion in 'Oncology' started by waleed, Sep 25, 2011.

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    Breast cancer can sometimes be detected in its early stages using a mammogram, an X-ray of the breast.N.B :Before the mammogram, you will be asked to undress from the waist up and wear a hospital gown. Each breast is x-rayed individually.
    The breast is flattened between two panels. This can be uncomfortable, but it only takes a few seconds. If possible, try to avoid scheduling your mammogram just before or during your menstrual period, when the breasts are more sensitive. Also, do not use underarm deodorant on the day of your appointment.
    Mammography is most beneficial for women as they age and undergo menopause. Mammography is a screening tool that can detect the possible presence of an abnormal tissue mass. By itself, it is not accurate enough to provide definitive proof of either the presence or the absence of breast cancer. If a mammogram indicates the presence of an abnormality, further tests must be done to determine whether breast cancer actually is present.


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