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"Undescended Testicle"Medical-Case-8974.43457

Discussion in 'Spot Diagnosis' started by Ansar Syed, Nov 3, 2019.

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    Dear Respected member(s),

    Let's help a teen in his medical issue.

    A teen is asking about "undescended testicle" This case was asked by a teen with Dr. Jatin S 3 years back.

    Teen's quote:

    "Hello sir, a teen 23 year old, male. Every male has two testis and some male have only one and I have the same problem. May I know the reason behind this ? And please tell me the advantages and disadvantages of this I seriously need this answer."

    Physical check was done.The testicle is on left top pelvis.

    Rarely there is a pain. I request the experts team to advise him or suggest him a medical advise.


    Ansar Syed.
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