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Up Themselves Doctors Think They’re Too Good For Bad Pay, Long Hours

Discussion in 'Doctors Cafe' started by Hadeel Abdelkariem, Jan 23, 2020.

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    EXCLUSIVE INSIDE sources from the office of the Minister for Health have told WWN that hospital consultants who voted in favour of strike action think they’re better than you and that they’re too good for inferior pay, unsafe working conditions and long hours.


    The government have denied that they felt the need to spread the stereotype of doctors as aloof and smug in the wake of 94% of IMO consultants and doctors voting for industrial action citing ‘unjustifiable pay inequality faced by consultants’ and a staggering 750,000 patients on waiting lists amid a recruitment crisis the government refuses to acknowledge with any seriousness.

    “Oh my God, never mind what they say about patient safety being put at risk – you’d want to hear the stuff they say about you behind your backs,” a desperate spokesperson for the Dept. of Health told the public as he attempted to turn them against doctors working to keep the health service from bursting at the seams.

    With 500 consultant positions unfilled on a permanent basis, patients welfare suffering and medical professionals fleeing to countries where they’re not taken for granted, it has never been clearer to the government that doctors are just the biggest pack of self-serving, up themselves workshy moaners.

    “Honestly, what would actual doctors know about the health service anyway,” added the spokesperson inadvertently making a solid point about former the Min. for Health and current Taoiseach.

    “They bang on about children waiting years for procedures, how doctors are worked into the ground but would hiring more consultants and paying them well and improving work conditions really solve any of that?” the spokesperson asked earnestly and with a straight face.


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