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Use COVID-19 As A Catalyst To Banish Burnout

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    “I believe that the most important single thing, beyond discipline and creativity is daring to dare.”
    – Maya Angelou

    Are you sheltering in place, while your practice has slowed down, and non-essential procedures and surgeries are postponed? If so, you’re probably worrying about what’s going to happen when people are out again. While the activity may be welcome, returning to overwhelming stress certainly will not be. It may be worse than ever. And if your practice is taking the brunt of COVID-19 with frantic activity, your stress may already be worse than ever.

    Here’s a bold idea.

    Use this unique time as an opportunity to make changes that will significantly impact your life going forward. Instead of hitting the pause button, jump into action instead.

    Your partners and team are worried and looking for meaningful activity too. You can be a hero in getting their brains buzzing about how to make improvements going forward that positively impact your patients and your revenue.

    Start a conversation. Via Zoom or Skype if you’re not at the office or clinic. Be proactive and get started today. By the time your practice is back to “normal,” you can have some significant process changes in place, all beginning with asking some questions of your team and leadership partners. Don’t do this alone. You will be more effective by engaging everyone and give them the gift of purposeful action at the same time.

    What isn’t working right now in your practice or clinic? What things drive you crazy? What is impacting your income that should be in your control? How can you better serve your patients at the same time that you improve your own life?

    Who on your team is involved and might have some great ideas if you asked them?

    Take the lead and ask! Unleash your team’s creativity, and be sure to include everyone.

    Karyn P. Grant is president, Karyn P. Grant Consulting.


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