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    48+ live video cases identical to what you will experience in the real exam room. The program videos and patient notes are updated to reflect the current USMLE Step CS exam changes as of 2013. Taken right from the most popular textbooks. From knocking on the door to closure and everything in between including counseling, physical exams, angry patients, pediatric telephone cases and much more with 12 different standardized patients in a timed format. We have study guides, patient notes, and over a 100 of the best mnemonics on the market today.We have the first and only Assessment Exam with a timed patient note page to test your skills.

    NEED USCE experience we have hundreds of students worldwide who use csevideo to prepare for USCE. Now offers: Standardized Patients online, USMLE Step1, and USMLE Step 2 CK study partners online via Skype at CSEVIDEOS. For further information email

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    Hey csevideo just a big thanks for the discount and for your videos. I just want anyone who reads this to know that I followed Dr. Reynolds in my exam and I passed with stars. Im IMG and I give a lot of the credit to the way your videos are done they really are a replica of the cs exam. I took my exam in July of 2013 and will be ecfmg certified.
    Sarah Hodges MS-IV
    Saba University
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    Date: Fri, August 30, 2013 12:12 am
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    Dear CSEVIDEO,

    I have in fact passed my exam. My performance results were stars in all three portions of the exam. I want to Thank you for very good videos. I found your materials to be a requirement for preparation for the USMLE CS exam. I am an American Medical Student in Chicago MS-IV. I definitely recommend CSEVideo materials for anyone taking the exam. Thanks again.
    John Ho MS-IV
    MD/PhD candidate
    Why choose

    1. First and foremost because you want to Pass your CS Exam and obtain a Residency of your choice.

    2. There are no other video programs on the market today that can show you exactly what your real cs exam is going to be like. The program also helps students prepare for USCE.

    3. was created by Doctors and Medical Students who prepared for and Passed the USMLE STEP 2 CS EXAM

    4. Complete video cases of the actual exam. With no interruptions or narrations. So you can focus solely on the encounter.

    5. We use only one Physician so you can develop a sense of consistency for each case, and learn the appropriate responses for any case.

    6. All of our SPs are medical school graduates who Aced the CS exam and have first hand experience on how the SP responds.

    7. All of our cases depict actual scenarios you will experience in your exam.

    8. The best price and highest quality for live video programs to Master the CS Exam.

    9. Each of our cases mirror the most popular textbooks so you don't have to spend any extra time doing research.

    10. Assessment exam to test your ability to quickly and efficiently write the patient note.

    11. Mnemonics that can only be found on our site, to master any portion of the patient note in a moments notice.

    12. Specialized SEP Audio section created for mastering your SEP specifically for the CS exam.

    If you need additional assistance please let us know.
    Thank you
    Blake Cohen MD
    Director of IT
    (845) 204-7931
    Business mailing address 2517 rt 44 #11 Salt Point, NY 12578
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