Weight Loss Tips: 3 Very Short Workouts That Work

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    With all the countless internet write-ups, TV talk shows and magazine articles about it, you’d think everyone of us would have it figured out by now. Alas, the subject of losing weight is still a tricky thing for many. And unfortunately, a lot of people still fail to achieve it. But it’s no reason to lose hope since the whole business of exercising and following a strict diet isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, although the general idea behind it is. Simply put, what works for you may not work for others and there’s no shame in that.

    So if you’re still looking for that proper workout routine that would finally help you lose weight for good, here are three great ones to try.

    Workout #1: Fat Burning Cardio

    This is an intense workout that is split into three sections, namely intervals, lactic acid removal phase and a repeat of it. Here’s what you do. First, start with a five-minute warm up. Then, do 10 intervals of 20 second sprinting at full intensity, followed by resting for 40 seconds. You can do this via a cross-trainer, bike or treadmill. Next, do a 10-minute ‘lactic acid removal phase,’ where you do the workout on a similar cardio machine with the maximum intensity you can manage. This means that you should be out of breath and sweaty by the end of the workout. Once done, you may repeat as needed. However, mixing up the routine by using a different machine is recommended.

    Workout #2: Full Body Fat Loss Circuit

    This second workout includes six different exercises done for 45 seconds each, with a 15 second rest between each exercise. The exercises included are planking, kettlebell deadlifts, single arm dumbbell row, dumbbell bench press, mountain climbers and running on the spot. Once done, repeat the entire workout three more times.

    Workout #3: Full Body Fat Loss Circuit

    Same as the second workout, this is also a six exercises routine, comprising of 45 seconds for each exercise and a 15 second rest in between. This is done four times. The workout includes sit-ups, alternating lunges, mountain climbers, squat jumps, push-ups and kettlebell deadlifts.



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