Weight Loss: Woman lost Over 7 Stone On This 3-Step Diet Plan

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    Louisa dropped over 7 stone on a 3-step diet plan

    A woman lost seven and a half stone after doctors warned her she could die if she continued her unhealthy lifestyle. Now weighing 13st 7lbs, here’s how Louisa Chesters transformed from a weight of 21st 5lbs.


    Louisa Chesters from Dorset was in her early 20s when doctors warned her weight could kill her before she turned 30. Weighing in at 21st 5lbs, Louisa was at serious risk of having a stroke or heart attack. A series of medical conditions, including polycystic ovary syndrome and Hidradentis Suppurative led to the business supervisor gaining almost six stone in less than two years. Giving up on her health, she went on to add a further three stone in the next three years.

    Louisa said: “My health conditions left me feeling really down, and I comforted myself with huge portions of homemade food.

    “My diet was mainly made up of carbohydrates, and I wouldn’t eat all day at work so I could have a big blow out in the evening.

    “I’d eat huge amounts of bread, pasta, pizza, sausage rolls, roast dinners with Yorkshire puddings and roast potatoes, and finish it off with cakes, brownies or cookies.

    “Because I made everything from scratch, I thought it was healthy and that I could eat big portions of whatever I’d made.”

    After reaching over 21 stone in 2014, Louisa decided it was time to change when doctors told of the serious impact her weight was having on her health.

    Her partner, Tyler, had also proposed and Louisa wanted to feel confident on her wedding day.

    After seeing an advert on Facebook for the Terri Ann 123 Diet Plan, Louisa threw her efforts into the plan.

    The diet is made up of three stages.

    The first stage is the 10-day boost, which sees dieters limit their intake of starchy carbohydrates and boost their intake of protein, vegetables and healthy fats to kick start weight loss.

    In stage two, fruit is reintroduced and intake of starchy carbohydrates is boosted.


    Louisa has transformed her figure and her health


    Louisa Chesters once weighed over 21 stone

    Stage three aims to keep weight loss moving by limiting starchy carbohydrates once again, but allowing users to still enjoy fruit.

    Louisa found changing her eating habits difficult at first but said: “The plan was such a big change that at first I found it really difficult.

    “The withdrawal symptoms were tough, but they eased after a week. Seeing how much weight I was losing week after week encouraged me to carry on and see the diet through.”

    Louisa swapped big plates of comfort food for meals like healthy chicken curries with cauliflower rice.

    She would also snack on ham, yoghurt and almonds.

    After not eating at all during the day, Louisa began eating breakfast and lunch which was hugely beneficial to her health.

    She soon had enough energy to return to the gym and now works out five days a week before work.


    Louisa is now happier and more confident than ever


    Louisa Chesters was once told she wouldn't make it past her 30th birthday (Image: PH)
    In 14 months Louisa lost six stone just in time for her wedding.

    She said of her weight loss: “I wasn’t at my goal weight but I was happier on my wedding day than I could ever have anticipated.

    “My weight loss made me feel so much more confident when trying on all the beautiful wedding dresses, and I felt so happy on my big day.”

    After her big day, Louisa went on to lose another 1st 5lbs and now weighs 13st 7lbs.

    “Since I lost the weight, I am so much more confident and my medical conditions have improved considerably. I am so much fitter and healthier and it’s amazing to know I am no longer at risk of a heart attack or stroke. I can now finally enjoy my life,” she explained.


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