What Are The Deadly Mistakes in Ketogenic Diet Plan?

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    This question was originally posted on Quora.com and was answered by Krish Rathi, Founder, Oorja Nutrition and Health based non-profit initiatives


    Having spent a year on ketogenic diet and a ton of time researching it for my products, I guess I could tell you based on experience and observations:

    1. Ketogenic has limited choices especially if you have a social life or a family. “Honey, what? You are ordering Chinese take-out for everyone? No, I will have something else. Yeah, I know this is getting complicated. No, I can’t make an exception. I will get out of ketosis!” But with some creative means, you could work around this. So not a deal breaker.

    2. Ketogenic flu is real! But don’t worry, it can be managed. This is what happens: You remove almost all the carbs as a primary rule of the keto diet. You are therefore shutting down the primary source of energy for the brain without giving it the time to acclimatize to using fats. This means you will have a period of fatigue, sugar cravings, crankiness, less sleep. You can work around this by adding more calories in the form of healthy fats, adding more electrolytes/salt to your diet, drinking bone broth or chicken broth, and exercising. Anyway, just be prepared to face this period that can range from a couple of days to possibly a couple of weeks. The good news is that after a couple of days if you follow the recommendations, you can pretty much manage it even if it is there. So not a deal breaker.

    3. If you regularly work out, you will have a tough time to do your routines initially. You will be like “Where the heck do I find the energy for my sets?” Ironically, this is the most important time to do at least some moderate exercises regularly, so that you can get over the hump and also restore your metabolic flexibility. As you acclimatize to fat as your primary source of fuel, you will find it much easier and in some cases, gain more benefits. So, not a deal breaker.
    One final thought, which is not exactly a downside.

    If you don’t give a break to ketogenic dieting, your resolve to continue it as a longer-term diet will greatly suffer. Once you get keto-adapted, go on a regular diet with more carbs every couple of months at least, or try out what is referred to as a cyclical ketogenic diet. If your body was keto-adapted, then it is not a problem to get back in ketosis easily once you get back on the keto diet. Besides, I am not sure if there is merit to do keto dieting life long unless you are trying to manage a chronic illness through keto dieting. I plan to stop pure keto, and go on a modified keto diet as a long term lifestyle, where I consume slightly more clean carbs and proteins.


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