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What Is the MCCEE Medical Examination ?

Discussion in 'MCCEE & MCCQE' started by Egyptian Doctor, Nov 22, 2013.

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    The Medical Council of Canada Evaluating Examination (MCCEE) is a computer generated test that is administered at 500 locations in 80 different countries around the world. The 4-hour test features MCCEE exam questions in both English and French depending on the student's preference.

    A Requirement for International Medical Students

    The MCCEE exam questions must all be completed by international medical school graduates or osteopathic students in the United States who are in the last 20 months of their medical school program. There are MCCEE preparation courses available in which students can participate prior to taking the required exam. Medical students must take and pass the MCCEE prior to qualifying to sit for the Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examinations.

    The Purpose of the MCCEE

    MCCEE exam questions are designed to assess a student's knowledge and expertise in basic medical practices as well as principles of medical disciplines. The test is also meant to determine a student's current skill level and whether or not the student has the necessary level of knowledge to enter into his or her first year of postgraduate training under the supervision of a licensed physician.

    About the Test

    The test itself consists of 180 multiple-choice MCCEE exam questions. Each one of the questions has 5 possible answers from which students can choose with only 1 of the answers being the best one. The areas covered in the exam questions include maternal health, child health, mental health, adult health, population health, general practice and ethics. The Medical Council of Canada provides examples of multiple-choice questions that might be found on the exam on the website. Also on the website, candidates can find information on examination dates and locations, fees and services and MCCEE preparation courses.

    Registration Details

    A plethora of details regarding the MCCEE can be found on the Medical Council of Canada website. Applications are ongoing. There are no deadlines to apply for the exam, but there are deadlines for scheduling an actual exam date, time and location once an application has been accepted. All fees must be paid in advance, and although tests are offered in many countries, they are not offered in every country; therefore it is possible that a student may have to travel to a nearby country to take the exam. The testing centers are operated by the company, Prometric, which provides scheduling and test administration services to the Medical Council of Canada for the computerized MCCEE.

    Applying for the Exam

    First, in order to apply for the exam, international medical graduates must complete all didactic and practical requirements to qualify as Doctors of Medicine and international medical students must be in the final clinical year of their medical school program. Applicants must provide photo identification and authorize the release of certain information that proves their qualifications for taking the exam. Contact the test administrators to determine the best way to get your application and fees in. Delivery in person or via courier tends to work best.

    Students can test their ability to answer the MCCEE exam questions by taking a self-administered evaluating exam available on the Medical Council of Canada website. There is an MCCEE online demonstration available as well. These are excellent resources that can help students determine whether or not they are ready to sit for the actual exam.



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