What Kind of Medical Student Murders a Monkey?

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    Thousands of people have signed a petition calling for the medical students accused of torturing a young monkey to death to be banned from the profession.

    The four students allegedly tied up, thrashed, beat and impaled the young female primate with a metal rod at their accommodation at the Christian Medical College in Vellore, Tamil Nadu.

    It's claimed that the bonnet macaque, estimated to be about 12 months old, had climbed through the window of their hostel room before the 'barbaric killing' which is said to have happened on November 19.

    A fellow student is believed to have tipped off PETA India about the abuse and the organisation then sent local animal rights activists to the scene to investigate.

    The body of the monkey was exhumed from the college grounds two days later, with the four activists then filing a First Information Report (FIR) to police.

    One of the animal protection activists attending, Shravan Krishnan, said on Facebook that it was one of the most 'shocking and heart-wrenching cases' he has been involved with.

    He alleged: 'They tied her hands and started abusing and torturing her by beating her with sticks and belts, broke her legs, jaws and finally put a rod up her anus and killed her. The monkey was buried behind the hostel mess by the college sweepers.

    'When exhumed her hands were tied up, neck choked with a telephone wire, multiple fractures all over the limbs and jaws, severe damage to the starting of the tail bone and intestines were out.

    'The degree of cruelty and pain the monkey has gone through is beyond words. We have all been having sleepless nights after we saw the body of the monkey. Extremely disturbed.'

    In Shravan Krishnan's latest update, he said the police investigation - including post mortem and forensic reports - was still ongoing and the students accused had allegedly returned to their hometowns.

    Police are believed to have called on them to appear for questioning and the college confirmed that it had suspended the students and condemned the alleged incident.

    The case has shocked India, with the monkey being named Lakshmi and a campaign for 'justice' in her name set up.

    Nearly 3,000 have now signed a petition calling on the college and government to ban the accused from ever going on to practice as doctors.

    The petition alleges: 'These students, who are studying to be doctors, willfully went through with such a barbaric, senseless act of violence against a helpless creature which could not raise its voice.

    'It is beyond comprehension what was the thinking behind this act which was committed deliberately and while the students were in full possession of their mental faculties.'

    'These people have lost the right to be doctors in any form', it adds.

    Dr Shiranee Pereira, co-founder of People for Animals, Chennai, has also written an open letter, urging people to call on the Prime Minister to take action.

    She said that the killing had seen 'humanity plunged to its deepest, depraved and despicable worst'.

    In a letter sent out to students, Christian Medical College (CMC) director Sunil Chandy and principal Dr Anna B Pulimood condemned the alleged incident.

    They said the 'deplorable incident' had brought great sadness to the college.

    The letter added: 'We as an institution are deeply regretful, have condemned it and have immediately suspended the students.

    'CMC does not condone this activity and will take every possible measure to prevent such incidents.'

    'CMC will take due action and co-oporate with concerned higher authorities in the follow up of this case,' it added.




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