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What To Do After Weight Loss

Discussion in 'Dietetics' started by Egyptian Doctor, Oct 31, 2012.

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    Have you lost some excess weight, and now you are wondering what life will be like after dieting? Your life will surely be different, because you had to change your life in order to reach your goals. To revert back to your old habits will put you right back in the same position. So, while you do not have to be as strict as you were with yourself while you were trying to lose weight, you will still need to follow some guidelines in order to remain where you are physically.

    Proper Food Choices

    Now that you have lost the weight, you have entered a point of maintenance. Maintenance is easier than the losing phase, but it is still work. Even though you do not have to follow the diet as strictly as when you are trying to lose weight, you must still continue to eat the right foods. There is room for an occasional indulgence, but you must remember that indulging too often will cause you problems.
    Since you are no longer trying to lose, you will need to increase your daily caloric intake a bit, so that your body can maintain your weight. However, you do not want to increase your caloric intake too quickly immediately after dieting, as it can shock your metabolism and cause weight rebound. You will want to increase it gradually, in small increments, until you get to the proper caloric intake to maintain your specific body weight.

    Regular Exercise

    After dieting and losing a substantial amount of weight, you will still need to exercise regularly. Exercise is essential to a healthy body, because it conditions the heart and lungs and helps you to improve and maintain muscle tone. It will also help you maintain your weight, by burning off any excess calories that you may consume. However, this does not mean that you have to spend as much time exercising as you did when you were trying to lose. A regular walking routine, combined with some basic strength training moves, should be all you will need to keep your body in shape. Try to engage in intense cardio 3 days a week if possible, and classes like yoga and Pilates will also help to keep your physique looking great.

    Positivity Is the Key

    After dieting and weight loss, it will be necessary to cultivate and maintain positive relationships, because positivity is contagious. You will have some friends who will be proud of you, and may even be inspired. If they need to lose weight themselves, your progress may be encouraging enough for them to do so. Their quest for fitness will, in turn, encourage you to continue with your new lifestyle.
    However, you will probably also have people in your daily life who are envious and not supportive of your accomplishments. They may try to sabotage you by bringing unhealthy foods to gatherings, planning outings to restaurants where they know the healthy choices are limited, or otherwise attempt to cause you to rebound. It may hurt to do so, but if you cannot set boundaries with these people, you may have to temporarily cut off contact with them until they can support your new lifestyle.

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    After losing some fat people have to maintain the diet plan and exercise. The point positivity is very important which you have mentioned in the post. Thanks for sharing such useful information with us.

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