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What You Might not know About Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Discussion in 'Doctors Cafe' started by OlaElganzoury, Sep 14, 2019.

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    We all heard a lot about the expression called Traditional Chinese medicine.

    Here, I will talk about some of what you might not know about that type of medicine.

    Firstly, you have to know that, there are many TCM clinics in different countries around the world but the first pure TCM hospital is recently opened in Schenzen city in China in March 2019.

    TCM is a very old medicine, which has been used over about 2100 years, and it is not only about herbs or acupuncture, TCM has its own different branches as western medicine.

    Each case has a different method to be treated, like Chinese massage, cupping, and many other methods.

    Scientifically, there is no strong evidence for the basics of TCM, This medicine depends mainly on observations and subjective interpretations, TCM basically focuses on helping people achieve the balance with nature.

    Nowadays TCM doctors are using the modern medicine tools like stethoscope and sphygmomanometer in patients’ diagnosis, and the patients choose either to be treated according to TCM methods or western ones.

    Now, I will explain some of the Traditional Chinese methods of treatment

    1. Cupping: It is a very old method that is believed to draw toxins from the human body, by applying cups on skin using mechanism of vacuum creation with the help of a flame.
    Another benefit of cupping technique is the regulation of QI flow (stands for vital energy or life force in Chinese medicine).

    2. The second method I will talk about is the massage technique called Gua Sha that is used to reduce pain and repair skin scars by doing massage using special oils and rounded edge tool, Gua Sha massage is also used to relief symptoms of respiratory tract problems.

    3. The third traditional Chinese method of treatment in our article is the most famous one, it is Acupuncture, it is a way to restore body balance with nature, it is used in many diagnoses like fibromyalgia, migraine, and low back pain, according to the diagnosis, acupuncture points are determined by another technique called Moxibustion, it is named after the plant Moxa, which plays the main role in the process of determining the acupuncture points.

    Finally I will list some celebrities who believe in the power of TCM especially Acupuncture in improving their lives
    1. Jennifer Aniston, uses acupuncture to relieve stress, maintain her skin health, and it also helps her in weight loss.
    2. Matt Damon, uses acupuncture in his ear to relieve spasm in his neck and back.
    3. Madonna, mentioned that acupuncture helps her in natural face lift.
    4. Jennifer Lopez, admitted that acupuncture helped her to lose about 15 pounds of her weight.

    Even if there is no strong scientific evidence for the principles of this type of Science, No one can deny its role in helping many people who are looking for natural ways of therapy, and keeping away from using chemicals and drugs.

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