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What's green dental care?!

Discussion in 'Dental Medicine' started by Sarah Hussien, Nov 30, 2019.

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    What's green dental care?!

    Going green in lifestyle has become a popular, positive option for many people and it has been supported by lots of healthcare providers.

    This lifestyle includes green dental care which means that dependance on natural products in maintaining oral health care routine.

    Products should be used in dental care routine include toothpaste, toothbrushes, mouthwash and dental floss.

    All these products could be derived from nature, safe and toxins free.

    Natural toothpastes, to be safe and healthy, depend mainly on being fluoride free and made of almost 100% natural ingredients.

    For instance:

    - Charcoal toothpaste which has antibacterial properties and whiten teeth due to the presence of activated charcoal in the ingredients
    images (9).jpeg
    -Mint and Aloe Vera toothpaste which is suitable for sensitive gums, keep it healthy and aid in ulcers healing.

    -Arnica and strawberry toothpaste which is suitable for healing ulcers, keeping healthy teeth and has desirable flavor.

    Natural toothpastes could be used for both adults and children, but It is more suitable for children because of being free of fluoride, hydrocarbons and other toxins, so they are safe if they have been swallowed by a child.

    Toothbrushes could be also made of nature
    For instance

    -Bamboo and Charcoal toothbrush which could be used even without toothpaste because its bristles are made of charcoal which is a whitening cleansing agent.
    images (8).jpeg

    -Radius toothbrush with its handle made of 100% cellulose.

    Mouthwashes also could be naturally based instead of those containing alcohol and other ingredients which may be harmful in the long run. Oily mouthwashes are the alternative like coconut oil mouthwash and tea tree oil mouthwash which have antiseptic effect and keep teeth and gums healthy and clean.

    Also dental floss can be naturally based. Instead of using traditional waxed ones, you can use that coated with activated charcoal or not using common floss type at all and using water flosser as an alternative.

    images (10).jpeg

    Anyway, either you prefer using natural dental care products in your routine or not, what is important is to keep your teeth and gums healthy regardless of the method or products used.

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