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What’s The Best Age To Get Married For A Doctor?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Nesma Hassan, Sep 18, 2019.


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  1. Nesma Hassan

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    Sep 8, 2019
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    Many people prefer to marry in their 20’s, others say that the best age to get married in the 30’s, but what is about a doctor?
    It’s a myth that there is a certain age to get married for a doctor or any other profession, however, there are some signs that you ready to take that hard decision.
    Marriage is a relationship between two couple based on love and Compassion, which demand a lot of maturity.
    Here are 5 signs that you are ready to get married

    1- You are financially stable

    Love is not enough, to marry your partner. You have to be financially stable and independent to start your marriage and have a family. That's why it's very hard to make the marriage decision through college years. You should have started your career and have a monthly income to support your new family. If you always struggle to pay your bills, have not any savings. That’s not a good sign. You have to learn how to handle your money to control in the future a household finance. If you can manage your finance, a very good indicator that you are ready to marry.

    2- you know why you want to get married
    It's very important to know why to get married. Is it for emotional stability? Are you eager to have a family? Do you want to spend your life with your partner? Are you sure about your partner? Did you think why you will marry?

    3- have decided your specialty
    It's not surprising why this is important, you should have decided on your specialty and finished training. Taking serious steps in your future, setting your goals will help you to find out exactly what you want from your partner and marriage in general. It also shows that you are mature enough to handle important decisions in your life.

    4- you are mature
    One of the main reasons for divorce is immaturity from one of the couples. Are you ready to share love mutual goals, compassion, and support with your future husband or wife? You are not missing something in the past or looking back, not interested in getting back to your ex. You want to dedicate your life to your partner, you are not looking for a better one. You are aiming to work out this relationship through hard times not only seeking joy.

    5- your partner has the following qualities
    All of us spend more than half of our days in the hospitals. Your partner should be understanding your working conditions, not only accepting your busy lifestyle but also supporting your career pathway. That's why it's very popular to marry a doctor too. Having mutual goals and plans, sharing the same life perspective. Your partner has sincere admiration with your flaws as your best qualities.

    A the end, Everyone has his own timing, Do not rush up because of age or society pressure until you are ready.


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