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When Saving Time Saves Lives

Discussion in 'Psychiatry' started by Egyptian Doctor, Aug 5, 2018.

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    (Seymour, Tennessee, June 27, 2018) Mel K Whaley , formed a registered 501c3 non-profit on a mission to increase the access and quality of care for patients through streamlining the referral process and increasing communication for the Mental Health and Substance Abuse industries with their technology-based programs. is now live and ready for providers to register their services for people in need for Mental Health Treatment, Substance Abuse Treatment, and wrap around services like clothing, housing, and transportation for FREE, even non-profits and churches can register their services for FREE. This platform is the only criteria-based search platform in the industry that will connect all the different sectors of the industry in one main hub for community members and workers in the industry to search for services.

    They have also contracted with the #1 Telemedicine provider in the nation to offer a Special Industry Program for the industry called, TeleB, which is a full service Telemedicine product for providers and state agencies to provide a way to increase their patient flow and decrease their overhead costs. These programs will be able to be customized for schools, the judicial system, crisis services, the disabled, and more.

    Funds raised will be recirculated back out into the community for social services projects for at-risk youth programs in the juvenile court and foster care systems, substance abuse prevention, and particularly their virtual recovery coaching program.

    The concept of a, “Work Together, Rise Together,” model is desperately needed in the industry and all of our missions advocate for providers uniting as a whole to tackle the epidemics in the community.

    All of their programs are available Nationwide in the USA.


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