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When to get biopsy?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Grace0712, Nov 28, 2019.

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    Nov 28, 2019
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    Good day! I would just like to inquire what specific presentation must be eligible for biopsy. 3 years ago, my father has experienced intense GI bleeding and underwent colonoscopy. Colonic diverticulosis and internal hemorrhoids were found but nothing has been done. The doctor said there were only scratches on his colon which caused the bleeding.

    After 2 years, my father again has been excreting stool with blood which went on for a year, and he has gone to his doctor multiple times during that time. However, his doctor perceives that the problem is not serious since he’s not losing weight. He has began to lose drastic weight, however, after going through diet after the diagnosis of diabetes. The doctor also said that a huge number of people experiences hematochezia so nothing to worry about and it will be for lifetime. My father insisted to get another colonoscopy because he knows something is wrong. He experiences frequent dizziness, malaise, low blood pressure, etc.

    After colonoscopy, it was found that he has colonic polyp, colonic diverticulosis and rectal mass- now has become bigger. We were told it is most likely cancer so he has to undergo surgery. Prior to that, neoadjuvant therapy (chemo or radio) must be done. We are currently waiting for the biopsy result.

    We wonder what would happen if my father didn’t insist to get a colonoscopy. If the biopsy was done earlier, could the prognosis would be better. And were there any negligence in the side of the doctor? Thank you for your insight!

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