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When Your Parents Are Doctors

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dr aisha, Oct 1, 2019.

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    I have a best friend whose both parents are doctors, her life is not the same as others, she is lonely, stressed, and she says her parents do everything in a haste, as they have to rush every morning to the hospital.

    I remember few things of what she said

    1) Both her parents are doctors and yes they take good care of their health too, they get up every morning at 4;30 and go for jogging , no matter what and finish all the house hold chores by 8 am , from breakfast to lunch everything is ready by that time

    2) She says she has seen their parents start their consultation and continue seeing patient one after other, one after another and they attend the patient still their bladder is full and then that’s the time they take a break!!

    They get very less break from the hospital, hardly 20 min, that’s when they eat, probably take a nap and even freshen up as charged as full battery

    3) It becomes almost 8 in the night when the day is over , and they are very tired that they just want to dose off

    4) When its dinner time it seems that they don’t have energy to even talk, no one is interested to even talk.

    5) Their weekends and holiday are also busy, they keep a track on how their patients are doing, if everything is ok at the wards etc.

    6) Sometimes she isn’t even aware of when their parents come home and when they go back

    Well this is all about the sad part, don’t get scared she has a good side of it too

    Good part is

    1) She is very happy that she doesn’t need to consult anyone outside if she is sick , unless it’s very serious, she says her parents have all the required medicines readily available

    2) Her friends parents who are not doctors rely on her parents and talk sweetly and give more respect ,in order to get free consultation, it’s not only about her vest friends case, she has seen many with the same attitude

    3) Treated as a celebrity, this happens when she goes to the hospital to meet her mom or dad and the secretaries there give her full access and permission it get into the doctors room in spite of long queue awaiting , and many staff around keeps whispering to each other look she is the child of that doctor,

    4) She loves the gifts that their parents get , from their patient to the medical representatives , she has excellent collection of pens with their parents name embedded, custom made gifts, and its so many that there is not enough space to keep them with her

    She just has one thing to say, stop having a belief that she will be a doctor too, she asks people not to judge or have any expectations. Her parents are also like any other human and yes they are not filthy rich as people think

    It’s only the hard work they do, so they deserves respect they get!

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