Where did artificial intelligence reach in Dentistry?!

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    Where did artificial intelligence reach in Dentistry?!

    Today, technology has become a part of many fields including medicine and dental field.

    Artificial intelligence is one of the latest technologies which invades dentistry nowadays.

    Let's know first what does artificial intelligence mean?!it means that dependance on computer systems or machines to perform tasks or missions automatically without any interference from human beings because of being as intelligent as humans.

    But how did this technology invade Dentistry?! artificial intelligence invaded dentistry by robots or robo dentists.

    Robots or robo dentists has changed the way that the patients receive treatment and services because they are able to perform tasks with intelligence similar to dentists from human beings.
    images (11).jpeg

    Robo dentists are used in making minimally invasive dental procedures such as:

    -Filling cavities with different restorations

    - Simple extraction procedures.

    -Teeth cleaning.

    - Braces application.

    - fissure sealant application.

    - Teeth whitening procedure.

    They can also book patients' appointments, communicate with customers and take radiographs then helping dentists in making diagnosis.


    So we can say that invasion of artificial intelligence in dental field made it much easier for dentists and patients as well.

    But some people think that robots will completely cancel the role of dentists from human beings which is not true because they have been used in medicine for years until now and doctors still practice their work.

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