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Why I Became A Doctor

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dr aisha, Oct 1, 2019.

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    Every person has their own story to share, here are few things what I have heard from people

    Some are quite hilarious, they wanted to become a doctor because

    1) They hate math mathematics

    2) Some of their parents wanted them to be one( only few would tell you this)

    3) Some wanted to serve the society

    4) Their interest in biology, they li ked to dissect the frog and cockroaches

    So here is my story of how I decided to be one

    When I was in my 12 std, I got the results in first class and I had no idea of what profession I would choose. my hobby was only, painting, making henna designs, dress designing etc. this is how I use to spend my time, one day dad came up with a thought of wanting me to join a medical school on and other side was my mom who said I can never handle the vast subjects and asked dad not to keep such dreams. This talk of her frustrated me and I was hurt deep inside This was the day I started reading day and night. Without any interest I did as my father said, he took me For admissions in Medical school, he came Along on first day with me till the classroom and left me, I wasn’t sure of what I would do, but the thought of what mom said actually gave me motivation and inspiration and just to take revenge and prove her wrong, I did every possible thing I could do to get great marks. I contacted my seniors and collected all the question papers of last 10 years and prepared for the important questions, during my spare time and even at the cultural gatherings I preferred to stay only in the library or going to the lab of anatomy and started studying the organs preserved and taking the skeletal bone set and learning every detail I could , I even asked the lecturer to keep the lab open till late evenings so I become expert in memorizing and studying the normal structure of human body , everyone thought aim a crazy person , believe me I did all this without any plans , it just went in a flow .

    Hence I was the topper in my class with the highest marks, I even represented my college in quiz completions and bagged the medal for it and for myself,

    Whatever happened, happened for my better. Iam a successful doctor now and I thank my mom for telling whatever she told, as a result of that IAM what iam today!


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