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Why I Want To Be A Doctor

Discussion in 'Doctors Cafe' started by Egyptian Doctor, Oct 10, 2017.

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    Being a doctor is a dream for many children and students, and it deserves to be their dream, I can talk about 1000 reasons to be a doctor but it will not be enough to describe how great it is, you will only feel that when you practice real medicine and solve patients problems but I will talk here about main reasons to be a doctor:

    1- It is always an honor for anyone to be a doctor either in the past or now, you can see pharaonic statues for doctors and how they appreciate medicine so medicine is always appreciated either in the past, in the present or in the future.

    2- Being a doctor gives you an extra respect from people, when you say for someone I am a doctor he will respect you but on the other hand he will start searching for any symptoms to ask you about it :D.

    3- Doctors are also well paid, if you are a person who is searching for money so medicine can help you even you are not well paid by the government you will be well paid in the private sector.

    4- It is very easy to find jobs anywhere, jobs are always available even online you can find many of them for example you can find many opportunities of doctors jobs in our website.

    5- I love being a human, and medicine is the best field of life related to humanity, as a doctor you will meet different people with different stories, if you are someone who like to help people you will enjoy it.

    6- I always make a difference, I am the most important person in emergency situation, I can make the world brighter for someone who will remember me the whole of his/her life, it is really great.

    7- As an ambitious person, medicine is great because you will not reach its end, every minute you will learn something new, you will explore something new or you are searching for something new.

    8- Varity in medicine, medicine is not only one field it is hundreds of fields with hundreds of specialties and hundreds of subspecialty so absolutely with time you can choose the best specialty that fit you and fit your personality.

    9- Working in a teamwork is something great, it is always better for any person to work in a group, it is much better than working alone, sharing ideas, thoughts, plans and dreams with other people makes you feel the high quality of life cause life has been never for being alone.

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