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Why Some Patients Die Shortly After Reaching The Hospital

Discussion in 'Hospital' started by Oladimeji Adeleke, Aug 16, 2019.

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    Aug 15, 2019
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    I was just wondering why some patients die few days after getting to the hospital

    Is it that more people are actually dying at home and what we see in hospitals is actually a tip of the iceberg

    Is it that acute intervention processes we do in the emergency room and the wards overwhelms their system and fast track their journey to the grave, and they would have probably lived a little longer if we didn't make them go through all that

    Or are we not doing enough as physicians, due either to poor working environment, shortage of staffs or paucity of knowledge. Probably we are too busy to update and upgrade our knowledge thereby mismanaging patients without even knowing it

    It may, as well, be because people must die anyway, and we work in tertiary centres where all cases are brought to after being mismanaged at home, prayer houses, by quacks or "private hospitals" who hold on to patients for financial benefits, until the patient crosses the point of no return.

    I understand that Nigeria economy is bad, and money is a factor to consider in every situation, but money still isn't worth the value of life.

    Nigeria health system is overwhelmed no doubts, the facilities are archaic, only few centres have facilities to handle terminal conditions, but most centres have what it takes to manage early phases of chronic diseases and improve mortality significantly.

    Most tertiary hospitals are busy and stressful, but this still isn't enough excuse to subject ourselves to incompetent hands. Lets present our selves to standard hospitals for regular check ups and at the slightest sign of ill health.

    For It aches my heart, when another patient dies, especially when avoidable.

    Early presentation is key

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