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Why The Labrador Retriever Is the Best Dog For Doctors And Physicians

Discussion in 'Veterinary Medicine' started by Egyptian Doctor, Jun 7, 2021.

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    There are hundreds of breeds of dogs found in the world and even more if we count “The Hybrids” in this list. Each dog breed out of this list possesses the unique nature, characteristics, and properties regarding its length, size, color coat, temperament, weight, height, immune system, etc. but some factors are very common in all the dog breeds like loyalty, love, lovely behavior, and the amazing companionship they give to its pet parents.

    Some specific dog breeds are suitable for specific people like Labrador retriever is the best dog for doctors and physicians who work at clinics or hospitals entail for hours. Doctors and physicians are amongst the busiest people, and they don’t have enough time to spend with their favorite dog. After some research work, we have found that Labrador retriever is the best dog for doctors and physicians according to their work nature and personality.

    Labrador retriever-The Best Dog Breed for Doctors and Physicians


    Labrador retriever is the dog breed that is easy to groom with low maintenance activities and it is the best dog if you are a busy doctor or physician. It is a medium to large size breed and its nickname is “Lab”. They are originated from the United Kingdom and Canada and their lifespan consists of 12-13 years. The lab has a short dense coat but not too hairy. Lab’s coat is water-resistant and dry and they don’t get cold when taking water in the winter. The most common colors in Labrador retrievers are yellow, chocolate brown, and black.

    Labrador is amongst the most intelligent dogs in the world and has a very cool temperament. They come with a very friendly nature, cool, calm, confident, and keen to learn behavior. They remain calm and don’t make noises even during rough and tough conditions. Labrador retriever can handle a lot of hours if left alone at home when you are away at a clinic or hospital. Even they are adapted to the harsh environment too and with low maintenance needs and grooming. They are amongst the most obedient dog breeds and don’t be aggressive even if you snatch the food when they are eating. It is a fun-loving dog breed, especially with the kids.

    You can find your favorite furniture, sofa, and shoes in the right condition when you come back home after long hours from the hospital because Labrador retrievers are very quiet and calm. You don’t need to fix the time for a walk daily because Labrador retriever is not fond of exercise daily. This dog breed sheds its hair annually and doesn’t make a mess for you in the rooms of your apartment or home.

    Labrador retrievers are immensely popular among doctors due to their smart nature. They are intelligent enough and can be trained as a home guard. They are energetic and excellent swimmers and they can be trained to perform all types of tasks. It is a wonderful companion for adults and small children and you don’t need to worry about it when you are away from home at the clinic or hospital due to their low maintenance needs with easy grooming. This tolerant, caring, and cool temperament dog can be the perfect companion of doctors and physicians.

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