Woman Addicted to Exercising 8 Hours a Day Returns Transformed

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    Last season, The Doctors met Erin, whose life was ruled by her compulsion to exercise. She was working out eight hours a day and slept barely two or three hours a night to make time to work out. After receiving treatment from Haven Hills Recovery, she returns transformed.

    "When I was told that I was one of the sickest people the show has ever seen, that's when I knew that I really needed help," Erin, who has been out of treatment for 3 months, says. "I feel like I have a new life."

    She has gained between 18 and 20 pounds, she is sleeping for at least 6 hours each night and her exercise time been cut down to 3 hours a day. She is also eating a healthier and more well-rounded diet. She says she still has flashbacks from her a childhood sexual abuse trauma, but that it is not compelling her to exercise for 8 hours a day as it previously did.

    "I'm not running from that anymore... for the first time in my life, I can actually say that I'm looking forward to the future," she says.

    Eating disorder specialist Amy Ryk, from Haven Hills Recovery where Erin was treated, says, "Eating disorders are so complex and it really is an obsessive-compulsive disorder. So, the fact that Erin came in with such courage and determination and in 60 days was able to reduce exercise from 8 hours to 3 [hours] and really had flexibility and willingness and the courage to get a strong foundation for what I think will be a continuing and healing journey."

    The Doctors arrange for Erin to continue to receive treatment for a year with clinical psychologist Dr. Joy Jacobs at no cost to her.

    Erin offers her words of advice for others who might be suffering, saying, "Don't be afraid. There is help out there. When I reached out to the show I was lost. I didn't even know there was exercise addiction, I didn't know it was categorized with eating disorders. I didn't know it has to do with molestation from the past and it's all an addiction... there is a path you can take and you can be successful, you just have to follow it."



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