Yoga Mom Wows Social Media With Innovative Whole-Family Poses

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    “It kind of happened organically,” said New Jersey mom, Laura Kasperzak, referring to her large number of Instagram followers (approximately 782,000 as of Thursday afternoon). The 36-year-old self-proclaimed yoga mom said she practices alone and with her two children and husband, the NY Daily News reported.

    “It’s about teaching them to stay active and get on the mat with me and play around — they [her children] think it’s fun.”

    In order to help her Instagram fans, Kasperzak set up a Nikon camera to capture her gracefully moving into each pose. She said that she started the account in March 2012, after her niece urged her to do it.

    She isn’t the only famous social media mom. Maria Kang, also known as “Fit Mom,” caused a stir on Facebook after posting a photo and captioning it: “What’s your excuse?” The photo depicted Maria with her three young sons, along with her rock hard abs and a two-piece workout outfit.

    Kasperzak teaches yoga twice a week at North Jersey and works full-time at a software company. She also runs a website with a friend called, Two Fit Moms.

    “It’s tough juggling everything — it’s a lot of early mornings. That’s usually when I practice,” she said.








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