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Andalusia Hospitals jobs in

Andalusia Hospitals

Current Openings : 3
Staff Members : More than 2000 Employees
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About Andalusia Hospitals

Andalusia is one of the leading regional players in the healthcare provision space in the Middle East. With a network of general hospitals, specialized medical centers, and polyclinics across Egypt and Saudi Arabia, Andalusia has built a unique footprint both in service spectrum and geographically. Andalusia Group for Medical Services was founded in 1984 as a single hospital in Jeddah, KSA and grown over 30 years to own and manage several healthcare facilities in both Saudi and Egypt. serve more than 7 million patients in the last 10 years with amicable quality, and creating 2000 new jobs. We are proud of our origin, our progress, as well as our partners. .

Current Jobs in Andalusia Hospitals
Jobs 3
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12 Dec 2018

#Andalusia_Maadi_hospital is looking for specialists & Residents in ER & Anthesia 

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27 Nov 2018

ENT Consultant  Family Medicine Specialist  General Surgery Consultant Neurosurgery Consultant Orthopedics Consultant Pedaitric Cosnultant Pediatric Specialist  Urology Consultant  

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28 Oct 2018

family Medicine specialist  Pedaitric Cosnultant & specialist  General Surgery Consultant Neurosurgery Consultant Orthopedics Consultant