10 Reasons Why Every Doctor Should Make His Own Facebook Page

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    Hello every one ,

    This topic is for every doctor who is going to start his professional career
    here is the 10 reasons why each doctor should have a Facebook page


    So first the the reasons and the tips to make a successful Facebook page:

    1-Facebook Popularity ,Facebook now is considering one of the most important social platform all over the internet
    here is some statistics about Facebook show you the popularity of this giant monster :

    a-Over 2 billion monthly active Facebook users.o_O
    b-Over 1.4 billion daily active users.
    c-over 1.7 billion mobile active users.
    d-Average time spent per Facebook visits is 20 Minutes.

    2-Correct public mindset , as there are a lot of myths and misunderstanding regarding
    lots of medical topics so we are the ones who are responsible for correcting these false

    3-Brand your medical service , as a health service provider you need to offer your service in a unique
    and well differentiated way so through your Facebook page you can do this easily and in a correct way.

    4- Reach more customers, one of the most useful Facebook tools is sponsored Facebook ads which let you to reach the right customer for your service .

    5-Communicate with your followers , through engaging content you are posting on your page you can encourage your followers to interact & communicate with you.

    6-Get feedback , always encourage your patients to feel free to give their feedback about your service
    so you can make a continuous developing to it.

    7- Go live with your followers , one of the very important ways to interact with your followers is the video posting, make a video about what would like to say and post it on your Facebook page this is one of the
    best ways to interact with you followers and deliver them whatever you want to say.

    8-Monitor your page performance , Facebook provides a great tool which is Facebook analytics this tool can help you to see what is the most engaging content people reacted with and this will give you the indication about the topic people interacted and engaged with.

    9-Give the right guidance , help others by giving them your experience and your tips for them to be on the right track by making posts talking about your journey and what went well & what went bad.

    10-Show your success to the world, every day you are helping people and try to make their lives better so show this to the world
    write to your followers about the success you are making, about the people you help every single day of your
    professional life as a healthcare provider.

    So finally i hope you all find my post useful and try start your Facebook page and encourage others to do so
    If you are seeing that your page followers are increasing and you don't have time there are many agencies
    can take responsibility of your Facebook page and moderate it under your supervision.

    finally i'd like to leave a Quote which i hope you all read it well take it as a guidance for your life
    "Be the change you want to see in the world" :)

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