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10 Signs You Are a Good Doctor

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mazouz fella, Sep 1, 2019.

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    Becoming a good doctor involves much more than your degree and intelligence . It’s about your personality, your depth, your ability to improve the life of someone besides yourself. All of these characteristics are essential among those considering a position in healthcare. So if you have any of these qualities you just might have a brilliant future as a doctor

    1-You have great communication skills
    you take your time to listen carefully to people, you pay attention to what the other person is saying by asking, clarifying questions, and rephrasing what the person says to ensure understanding. You can explain complicated things in a very simple manner using a freindly tone so that patients can actually understand you and speak openly with you.

    2- You have emotionnal intelligence
    you have the ability to identify and manage your own emotions as well as the emotions of others. As a doctor you will deal with a lot of pain, suffering and even death, these feelings may make you sad for a while but you should not let them last for long and affect your life in a negative way. Also Physicians are making life and death decisions where any mistake can lead to death, this can lead to a lot of pressure and cause burnout in a lot of time, for that you must control your feelings and not lot them control you

    3-you want to learn constantly
    the human body is very complicated, that's why it takes a lot of years of studying and training to become a doctor. the physician must have a big sense of curiosity to explore the human body and learn everything about it constantly because medical science is continually making rapid advances: new medications and treatments are developed and introduced at a rapid pace and a good doctor must be aware of them.

    4- you want to help others
    if you feel happy whenever you help someone, this job is absolutely for you. Doctors always say that they feel a calling deep inside to give help to everyone who is in need. they beleive that true happines comes by giving not by taking , that's why they dedicat their lives to serve the humankind

    5- you are patient
    patience is needed first of all during the college phase because of the amount of time passsed in learning and studying for exams but also you will need it in dealing with your patients once you start to practice.
    Interacting with a wide range of personality types on a daily basis and especially in urgent situations when you need to maintain calm and control the situation

    6- You are confident
    a doctor is the decision maker for his patient, that's why they need to trust him and be sure that he is aware of their case and he is absolutely sure that the treatment that he is prescribing is the right one for them. A doctor who is confident will be listened to and respected by patients and collegues. Everyone appreciate a person with confidence because with it, you are basically investing your heart and soul into something you are passionate about.

    7- You are a hard worker
    you dedicate yourself 100% to your work no matter how you feel or what is happening in your personnal life, you are intrinsically motivated to perform your best, you are always available for your patients, you can pass two days in a row without getting any sleep or rest just to prepare for your exam, and you always beleive that hard work is the key to success

    8-You are adaptable
    first in medical school where you need to adapt certain methods of study with certain subjects and your sleep cycle, then in work with different personnalities of yours patients and colleagues in different specialities where you must be an accepting person, open to diffrences and easy to work with

    9- You can say ' I don't know '
    no matter how smart or hard working you are, you will never know everything in medicine. The amount of information is so vaste and it expands everyday with new resaerches and recommandations, for that reason a willingess to admit gaps in your knowledge is necessary

    10- You have empathy
    doctors must understand that their patients are in a critical situations, they feel weak and terrified in hospitals that's why they need to reassure them and be nice to them. The patients aren't just a list of medical problems and medications, they are humans beings who valued kindness, care and understanding.


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