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10 Wedding Registry Ideas for Medical Students

Discussion in 'Medical Students Cafe' started by Hadeel Abdelkariem, Sep 30, 2019.

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    Whether you met the love of your life in medical school or are finally coming together after dating long-distance and are ready to tie the knot, deciding what to include on your wedding registry can be a challenge. Here are 10 items to consider including on your list.


    1. Quality Bedding
      Even if you already have pillows and a bedspread, it’s probably not the stuff of your dreams. Now is the time to upgrade your pillows, comforter set, and mattress cover and savor all the sleep you can get!

    2. Blender
      Smoothies make great quick and healthy meals when you’re on the go. This blender comes with a big pitcher that will let you make a big batch for the two of you and two single-serve cups if you and your love have different tastes or want smoothies at different times of day. As an added bonus, it’s very simple to clean!

    3. Noise-Cancelling Headphones
      These Bose noise-cancelling headphones are a classic gift for anyone who needs to focus, whether they prefer to study in silence and want some white noise to drown out their partner watching Parks and Rec in the kitchen or an extrovert who wants to pretend they are surrounded by people, even during a 2:00 am cram session.

    4. Speaker Set
      For the times that the two of you want to share what you’re listening to, a set of speakers like this Sonos One pair make it easy to stream great-sounding audio from your phone or other devices.

    5. Laser Printer
      Especially if you are someone who likes to print out materials to study, an inkjet printer can be frustrating and replacing inkjet cartridges expensive. A laser printer prints quickly and uses a toner cartridge that lasts for hundreds (sometimes thousands) of pages and rarely needs replacement.

    6. Portable Garment Steamer
      From residency interviews to professional conferences, medical students have lots opportunities to travel (and wrinkle their professional attire). Hotel rooms often have irons, but a portable steamer makes freshening up your clothes easier, and you’ll never be stuck with a wrinkly suit if you stay in an AirBnB or crash on the couch of a friend with no iron.

    7. Roku Ultra
      What makes this particular streaming device so handy for married medical students is that you can plug headphones into the remote control. If one partner turns in early or wants quiet to study, the other can pop in headphones and keep watching their favorite show without having to change devices or drastically turn down the volume.

    8. Cool Mist Humidifier
      A good humidifier is the kind of thing you don’t think about owning until it’s 1:00 AM and you can’t sleep due to your sinus congestion and headache. You’ll be thankful if you already have one on hand before starting your peds rotation.

    9. Instant Pot
      This modern upgrade to the Crock-Pot is pretty much a cliche recommendation at this point, but that doesn’t make a programmable pressure cooker any less valuable. With a Pinterest recipe search and a little bit of planning, you can easily make a week’s worth of healthy meals in a day, saving yourself from hanger, blown food budgets, and meals of boxed cereal.

    10. Glass Meal Prep Containers
      To go along with your Instant Pot, register for a couple of sets of quality one-, two-, or three-compartment meal prep containers. One day of cooking a week and you can have meals ready to grab on the go or heat up as soon as you get home.

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