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    It takes years of determination, dedication and practice to ensure you are in the world's best professional. We are all greatful to doctors and pay them with our money and blessings. It's needless to say they have worked too hard and deserve all they have right now. It's no secret that doctors get paid very well. However, does this mean that it is any easier and therefore requires very little effort for a doctor to move from being “comfortable” to super rich? This article features the richest self-made doctors in the world and how much they are worth.

    1. Patrick Soon Shiong

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    Patrick Soon Shiong is an American surgeon and philanthropist who revolutionized cancer treatment.

    Net worth: 12 billion USD

    2. Thomas Frist

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    Thomas Frist is an American billionaire physician who co-founded Hospital Corporation of America with his father and also a co-founder of HCA Healthcare.

    Net worth: 7 billion USD

    3. Phillip Frost


    Phillip Frost taught dermatology. He later found a pharmaceutical company called Ivax and sold it for $7.8 billion. Dr. Phillip Frost is now chairman of Teva Pharmaceuticals.

    Net worth: 3.8 billion USD

    4. Wu Yiling

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    Wu Yiling is a self-made doctor. He founded a pharmaceutical company in 1992 which is doing pretty well.

    Net worth: 1.7 billion USD

    5. Gary Michaelson

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    Gary Michelson earned $1.55 billion after a legal settlement with Medtronic over the use of his patents. Now he works for the betterment of animals and has announced a Michaelson prize for the person who finds out a nonsurgical procedure to sterilize cats and dogs.

    6. Kathy Fields

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    Kathy Fields is dermatologist in San Francisco and California. She is one the 40 dermatologists at California Pacific Medical Center.

    Net worth: 1.5 billion USD.

    7. Katie Rodan

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    Katie Rodan is dermatologist, an author and an entrepreneur. She has her own acne management system 'Proactiv' and also a founder of anti-aging skincare company 'Rodan+Fields'. She practices private cosmetic surgery in Oakland, California.

    Net worth : 1.5 billion USD

    8. Dr. Phil


    Having an annual salary of $80 million and a net worth of $400 million Dr Phil has definitely made his degree in psychology work for him.

    Net worth: 400 million USD.

    9. James Andrews


    Dr. James Andrews is the top surgeon at Andrews sports medicine and Orthopaedic Center. He is one of the few who earned because of his practice in surgery.

    Net worth: 100 million USD.

    10. Terry Dubrow

    Terry Dubrow, the most famous plastic surgeon in Orange County, has made his appearances on Television shows like The Swan and the Real Housewives of Orange County. People have to wait for months to get their appointment from Dr. Dubrow.

    Net worth: 30 million USD.

    11. Leonard Hochstein

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    Dr. Leonard Hochstein is one of the best and wealthiest plastic surgeons in Miami. His specialization is in breast augmentation.

    Net Worth: Over 20 million USD.

    12. Robert Rey

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    Dr. Robert Rey, the famous plastic surgeon has made over 100 different television appearances. He is known as one of the best plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills.

    Net worth: Over 15 million USD.

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