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25 Influential Doctors Using Social Media to Revolutionize Healthcare Education

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    Popular Influencers on Social Media Who Are Originally Doctors

    Dr. Mike Varshavski (@doctor.mike)
    • Background: Dr. Mikhail Varshavski, commonly known as Dr. Mike, is a family medicine physician based in New York. He gained significant attention due to his combination of medical expertise and appealing social media presence.
    • Social Media Influence: With millions of followers on Instagram, YouTube, and other platforms, Dr. Mike uses his reach to share medical advice, debunk health myths, and provide insights into the daily life of a doctor.
    • Content Style: His content is a mix of educational posts, reaction videos to medical scenes in popular media, and personal vlogs. His charismatic and approachable style makes complex medical information accessible and engaging.
    • Impact: Dr. Mike’s influence extends beyond just social media. He has been featured in major media outlets, participated in charity work, and even testified before Congress on healthcare issues.
    Dr. Sandra Lee (@drpimplepopper)
    • Background: Dr. Sandra Lee, widely known as Dr. Pimple Popper, is a board-certified dermatologist based in Southern California. She specializes in treating skin conditions, from acne to rare skin diseases.
    • Social Media Influence: Dr. Lee's YouTube channel, where she posts videos of her procedures, has garnered millions of subscribers. Her Instagram also features similar content, making her one of the most recognized names in dermatology online.
    • Content Style: Dr. Lee’s content is both educational and oddly satisfying, showcasing real-life dermatological procedures. Her straightforward explanations demystify common skin conditions and treatments.
    • Impact: Her popularity led to a television show on TLC, further expanding her influence. Dr. Lee's work has brought significant attention to dermatology, educating the public about skin health.
    Dr. Kevin Pho (@kevinmd)
    • Background: Dr. Kevin Pho is an internal medicine physician and the founder of, one of the most popular medical blogs in the world. He practices in Nashua, New Hampshire.
    • Social Media Influence: Dr. Pho leverages his blog and social media presence to discuss healthcare policy, physician well-being, and patient care issues. His platform provides a voice for many healthcare professionals.
    • Content Style: His posts often include personal anecdotes, opinion pieces on current healthcare issues, and contributions from other healthcare professionals. The content is thought-provoking and often sparks significant discussion.
    • Impact: Dr. Pho is a recognized leader in social media's intersection with medicine. His insights have been featured in major publications, and he frequently speaks at medical conferences about the importance of online presence for doctors.
    Dr. Madiha Saeed (@holisticmommd)
    • Background: Dr. Madiha Saeed is a family physician who specializes in holistic health. She is based in Illinois and focuses on integrating traditional and alternative medicine.
    • Social Media Influence: Known as Holistic Mom, MD, Dr. Saeed has built a large following by sharing holistic health tips, recipes, and lifestyle advice on Instagram and Facebook.
    • Content Style: Her posts often feature detailed explanations of how diet, exercise, and mental health impact overall well-being. She uses a combination of scientific data and personal experience to advocate for a balanced approach to health.
    • Impact: Dr. Saeed's influence is significant among those interested in holistic and integrative medicine. She has authored books and frequently speaks on the benefits of holistic health practices.
    Dr. Ali Abdaal (@aliabdaal)
    • Background: Dr. Ali Abdaal is a former doctor who graduated from the University of Cambridge. He transitioned to being a full-time YouTuber, entrepreneur, and educator.
    • Social Media Influence: Ali's YouTube channel, where he shares study tips, productivity hacks, and insights into his journey through medical school, has millions of subscribers.
    • Content Style: His videos are highly polished and informative, often featuring practical advice for medical students and professionals on improving productivity and managing time effectively.
    • Impact: Ali's content has inspired countless students and young professionals worldwide. His success demonstrates the potential for doctors to diversify their careers and influence through social media.
    Dr. Najeeb Lectures (@drnajeeblectures)
    • Background: Dr. Najeeb is a medical educator who has been teaching medical students worldwide for over 20 years. His online platform, Dr. Najeeb Lectures, offers in-depth medical tutorials.
    • Social Media Influence: With a substantial following on YouTube and his own educational platform, Dr. Najeeb’s lectures are renowned for their depth and clarity.
    • Content Style: His teaching style involves detailed explanations using diagrams and simple language to make complex medical concepts understandable. His videos cover a wide range of topics from basic sciences to clinical medicine.
    • Impact: Dr. Najeeb’s influence is profound in the field of medical education. His lectures have become a vital resource for medical students and professionals looking to deepen their understanding of medical science.
    Dr. Danielle Jones (@mamadoctorjones)
    • Background: Dr. Danielle Jones, known as Mama Doctor Jones, is an obstetrician-gynecologist based in Texas. She focuses on women's health and reproductive issues.
    • Social Media Influence: Dr. Jones uses YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok to share her expertise on a variety of women's health topics. Her content is engaging and informative, making her a trusted source for many.
    • Content Style: She combines humor with education, making topics like contraception, pregnancy, and gynecological health accessible and less intimidating for her audience.
    • Impact: Dr. Jones has become a prominent advocate for women's health, using her platform to educate and empower women about their bodies and health choices. She also actively combats misinformation related to women's health.
    Dr. Zubin Damania (@ZDoggMD)
    • Background: Dr. Zubin Damania, known as ZDoggMD, is an internist and healthcare advocate. He practiced medicine for many years before transitioning to a full-time role as a medical entertainer and health communicator.
    • Social Media Influence: ZDoggMD's content spans YouTube, Facebook, and other platforms, where he produces comedic and educational videos about healthcare issues.
    • Content Style: His satirical videos, often set to popular music, tackle serious topics such as the healthcare system, patient care, and public health. He uses humor to deliver critical messages.
    • Impact: ZDoggMD has a unique way of addressing healthcare challenges, making complex issues more relatable and understandable. His work has inspired many in the medical community to think creatively about healthcare communication.
    Dr. Andrea Tooley (@dr.andreatooley)
    • Background: Dr. Andrea Tooley is an ophthalmologist who shares her journey through medical school, residency, and now as a practicing physician.
    • Social Media Influence: With a significant following on Instagram and YouTube, Dr. Tooley provides insights into the life of a medical professional, from education to practice.
    • Content Style: Her content includes study tips, day-in-the-life vlogs, and advice for aspiring doctors. She emphasizes the importance of balance and self-care in a demanding profession.
    • Impact: Dr. Tooley's transparency and helpful tips have made her a role model for many medical students and young doctors, encouraging them to pursue their goals while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.
    Dr. Austin Chiang (@austinchiangmd)
    • Background: Dr. Austin Chiang is a gastroenterologist and the Chief Medical Social Media Officer at Jefferson Health in Philadelphia.
    • Social Media Influence: Dr. Chiang is highly active on platforms like TikTok and Instagram, where he shares information about gastrointestinal health and the importance of accurate medical information.
    • Content Style: His content is informative and engaging, often using creative approaches to explain complex medical issues. He also addresses the importance of social media in healthcare communication.
    • Impact: Dr. Chiang’s efforts have made him a leading voice in the medical community regarding the use of social media to combat misinformation and promote health education.
    Dr. David Geier (@drdavidgeier)
    • Background: Dr. David Geier is an orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist. He shares his expertise in injury prevention and treatment for athletes and active individuals.
    • Social Media Influence: Dr. Geier uses platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and his blog to provide tips on sports medicine and injury recovery.
    • Content Style: His content is practical and geared towards athletes, coaches, and anyone interested in maintaining physical health. He often discusses common sports injuries, their treatment, and preventive measures.
    • Impact: Dr. Geier’s insights are valuable for both professional and amateur athletes, helping them stay informed about best practices in sports health and injury prevention.
    Dr. Rupy Aujla (@doctors_kitchen)
    • Background: Dr. Rupy Aujla is a general practitioner based in the UK and the founder of The Doctor’s Kitchen, a platform promoting healthy eating.
    • Social Media Influence: Dr. Aujla uses Instagram, YouTube, and his blog to share recipes and advice on how to use food as medicine.
    • Content Style: His posts combine culinary tips with medical knowledge, advocating for a diet rich in nutrients to prevent and manage diseases.
    • Impact: Dr. Aujla’s approach to integrating medicine and nutrition has resonated with a wide audience, emphasizing the importance of diet in maintaining overall health.
    Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson (@SeattleMamaDoc)
    • Background: Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson is a pediatrician and Chief Medical Officer at SpoonfulOne, a company focused on preventing food allergies.
    • Social Media Influence: Known as Seattle Mama Doc, she uses her blog, YouTube, and social media to provide trustworthy health information for parents.
    • Content Style: Dr. Swanson’s content is aimed at parents, offering advice on child health, vaccinations, and common pediatric concerns. Her clear and compassionate communication style makes her a trusted source.
    • Impact: Dr. Swanson’s work has had a significant impact on public health, particularly in advocating for childhood vaccinations and evidence-based parenting practices.
    Dr. Karan Raj (@dr.karanr)
    • Background: Dr. Karan Raj is a surgeon and lecturer in the UK who has gained popularity on TikTok for his educational and humorous content.
    • Social Media Influence: Dr. Raj’s TikTok videos, which cover a wide range of medical topics in an engaging manner, have amassed millions of followers.
    • Content Style: His short, snappy videos often debunk medical myths, provide health tips, and offer insights into the medical profession with a comedic twist.
    • Impact: Dr. Raj’s unique approach to medical education has made him a favorite among younger audiences, helping to spread accurate health information in an easily digestible format.
    Dr. Andrea Paul (@drandreapaul)
    • Background: Dr. Andrea Paul is a medical doctor and entrepreneur. She co-founded Health Media Experts, a company providing medical content creation services.
    • Social Media Influence: Dr. Paul uses her platforms to discuss health trends, share medical insights, and provide tips for a healthier lifestyle.
    • Content Style: Her posts are a blend of professional advice and personal experiences, making her content relatable and informative.
    • Impact: Dr. Paul’s dual role as a physician and entrepreneur has inspired many, highlighting the diverse career paths available to medical professionals.
    Dr. Joshua Wolrich (@drjoshuawolrich)
    • Background: Dr. Joshua Wolrich is a surgical doctor in the UK who focuses on debunking diet culture and promoting body positivity.
    • Social Media Influence: Dr. Wolrich’s Instagram is known for challenging misconceptions about diet and health, emphasizing evidence-based medicine.
    • Content Style: His content often features myth-busting posts, discussions on medical research, and advocacy for a healthier relationship with food and body image.
    • Impact: Dr. Wolrich’s work has resonated with many who struggle with diet culture, providing a medically sound perspective on nutrition and health.
    Dr. Joyce Park (@teawithmd)
    • Background: Dr. Joyce Park is a dermatologist who shares her professional insights and personal experiences in medicine.
    • Social Media Influence: Through her blog and Instagram, Dr. Park discusses skincare, dermatology, and life as a doctor.
    • Content Style: Her content is a mix of skincare tips, product reviews, and personal anecdotes, making it both informative and relatable.
    • Impact: Dr. Park’s approachable style has made her a trusted source in skincare and dermatology, helping her audience make informed decisions about their skin health.
    Dr. Vin Gupta (@drvingupta)
    • Background: Dr. Vin Gupta is a pulmonologist and public health expert who has been a prominent voice during the COVID-19 pandemic.
    • Social Media Influence: Dr. Gupta uses platforms like Twitter and Instagram to share updates and insights on public health issues, particularly respiratory diseases.
    • Content Style: His posts often include timely updates on health policies, public health advice, and explanations of medical research.
    • Impact: Dr. Gupta’s expertise has been invaluable during the pandemic, providing clear and reliable information to help the public navigate health challenges.
    Dr. Fatu Forna (@drfatuforna)
    • Background: Dr. Fatu Forna is an obstetrician-gynecologist and public health specialist who shares her knowledge on women’s health and maternal health.
    • Social Media Influence: Dr. Forna uses Instagram and her blog to discuss reproductive health, maternal health, and public health issues affecting women.
    • Content Style: Her content is educational, focusing on empowering women with knowledge about their health and advocating for better healthcare policies.
    • Impact: Dr. Forna’s work has significantly impacted public health awareness, particularly in advocating for maternal and reproductive health.
    Dr. Eugene Gu (@eugenegu)
    • Background: Dr. Eugene Gu is a surgeon and health policy advocate known for his outspoken views on social and political issues related to healthcare.
    • Social Media Influence: Dr. Gu uses Twitter to share his insights on health policy, social justice, and medical science.
    • Content Style: His posts are often politically charged, addressing the intersection of healthcare and social issues, and advocating for systemic changes.
    • Impact: Dr. Gu’s activism has made him a controversial but influential figure, highlighting the role of healthcare professionals in broader social and political discourse.
    Dr. Mikhail Kogan (@dr.kogan)
    • Background: Dr. Mikhail Kogan is a geriatrician and integrative medicine specialist. He serves as the Medical Director of the George Washington University Center for Integrative Medicine.
    • Social Media Influence: Dr. Kogan uses platforms like YouTube and Instagram to share insights on integrative and holistic approaches to health, particularly for aging populations.
    • Content Style: His content includes discussions on lifestyle medicine, integrative therapies, and personalized care approaches for older adults.
    • Impact: Dr. Kogan’s work has brought attention to the benefits of integrative medicine, promoting a more comprehensive approach to health and wellness.
    Dr. Elene Tousimis (@drtousimis)
    • Background: Dr. Elene Tousimis is a breast surgeon and Chief of Breast Surgery at Weill Cornell Medicine. She is also an advocate for women's health and wellness.
    • Social Media Influence: Dr. Tousimis uses Twitter and LinkedIn to share her expertise on breast cancer, surgery, and women’s health issues.
    • Content Style: Her posts often highlight advancements in breast cancer treatment, surgical techniques, and health advocacy.
    • Impact: Dr. Tousimis’s contributions have been instrumental in advancing breast cancer awareness and education, making her a leading voice in women’s health.
    Dr. Justin Schmidt (@justinschmidtmd)
    • Background: Dr. Justin Schmidt is a pediatrician and public health advocate known for his work in global health and infectious diseases.
    • Social Media Influence: Dr. Schmidt uses platforms like Twitter and Instagram to discuss pediatric health, vaccination, and global health issues.
    • Content Style: His content is educational, often providing updates on public health initiatives and offering practical advice for parents.
    • Impact: Dr. Schmidt’s advocacy work has been crucial in promoting vaccination and addressing global health challenges, particularly in pediatrics.
    Dr. Sarah Jeong (@sarahjeongmd)
    • Background: Dr. Sarah Jeong is a psychiatrist who focuses on mental health awareness and de-stigmatization of mental health issues.
    • Social Media Influence: Dr. Jeong uses Twitter and Instagram to share insights on mental health, self-care, and the importance of seeking professional help.
    • Content Style: Her posts are empathetic and informative, aimed at breaking down barriers to mental health care and providing support to those in need.
    • Impact: Dr. Jeong’s efforts have made significant strides in reducing the stigma associated with mental health, encouraging more open conversations and support.
    Dr. Simon Freilich (@drsimonfreilich)
    • Background: Dr. Simon Freilich is an audiologist and ENT specialist who shares his expertise on hearing health and ENT conditions.
    • Social Media Influence: Dr. Freilich uses platforms like Instagram and YouTube to educate about hearing loss, tinnitus, and other ENT-related issues.
    • Content Style: His content is educational and practical, often providing tips for managing hearing conditions and promoting hearing health.
    • Impact: Dr. Freilich’s work has raised awareness about hearing health, making valuable information accessible to those experiencing hearing issues.
    Dr. Katya Rubia (@drkatyarubia)
    • Background: Dr. Katya Rubia is a neuroscientist and researcher specializing in ADHD and brain imaging. She is based at King’s College London.
    • Social Media Influence: Dr. Rubia uses Twitter to share her research findings and insights on ADHD, brain development, and mental health.
    • Content Style: Her posts are academic and informative, often discussing the latest research in neuroscience and its implications for mental health treatment.
    • Impact: Dr. Rubia’s contributions to ADHD research have been significant, providing valuable insights into the neurobiological underpinnings of the condition and promoting evidence-based treatments.
    These influencers demonstrate the powerful role that doctors can play on social media, leveraging their medical expertise to educate, inspire, and engage with a global audience. By combining their professional knowledge with personal experiences and relatable content, they are reshaping the way healthcare information is disseminated and consumed online. Their diverse backgrounds and unique approaches highlight the multifaceted nature of medical practice and the potential for doctors to impact public health beyond traditional clinical settings.

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