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3 LOVE SIGNS you will not understand except if you are a medical student

Discussion in 'Medical Students Cafe' started by eyasmii, Sep 1, 2019.


As a medical student you prefer to be in a relationship with?

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  1. eyasmii

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    Sep 1, 2019
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    Med student life is a busy one.

    We are always ruining from one hospital to another.

    Many people assume that we don't fall in love because we don't have enough time to love stories in our lives.

    Well, it's not the truth.

    There is always time to fall in love.:D

    Here are 4 simple signs that prove you found your soul mate in med school.

    1#it starts with Highlighters:

    If he borrows you his highlighters without asking when are you going to give him his markers back then probably he has a crush on you.

    You know how important a highlighter for a medical student.

    These pens are his babies and if he accepts to share them with you then he will accept to share his entire life with you too.

    Things can go further when he gives pastel-colored highlighters as gifts so you can color-code and emphasize your notes without the intensity of regular highlighters.

    It’s like a marriage proposal!

    2#free coffee:

    Coffee is the fuel keeping medical students alive. I am sure that you are spending dollars on coffee and that you are broke because of your addiction.

    So if a guy steps up and buys your coffee every day. That’s true love, honey.

    If he welcomes you every day with a cup of coffee and a big smile on his face.

    You are a lucky girl.

    3#notes and summaries:

    Do you know how much time it takes to write a well-colored note? And how much time it takes to write a good resume?

    If someone offers you this service he is offering extra sleep hours.

    He is offering you comfort, wellbeing, and happiness.

    He is saying you are my princess and I will do the tough work for you.

    Everything in med school is different, even love has a different interpretation.:cool:

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